Sales see real Jin Jianghuai Bell T6 broken domestic pickup pattern

In February of this year, the sales volume of domestic mainstream pickup manufacturers almost all increased substantially year-on-year, making the total market sales increase by 63.11% year-on-year. At the same time, most of the major pickup trucks in the mainstream have also seen a trend of “smoothing”.

In the past five years, the top five sellers in domestic pickup trucks have always been the Great Wall pickup truck, Jiangling pickup truck, ZTE pickup truck, Zhengzhou Nissan pickup truck and Beiqi Futian pick-up truck. Although the number of seats has changed slightly, none of these veteran car dealers can have any status. Sway. This pattern of balance has finally been broken by a "new" company that has entered the field of pickup for less than a decade. This company is Jianghuai.

In February of this year, Jianghuai pickup sold a total of 2237 units, ranking fourth in domestic mainstream pickup sales, and its sales volume increased by 133.5% year-on-year, which was the third highest among domestic pickup truck sales growth in February. If the sum of sales in January and February is counted, Jianghuai pickup sales reached 4,254 units, still surpassing Futian, Zhengzhou Nissan and the Yellow Sea, ranking fourth in the industry, second only to Great Wall, Jiangling and ZTE.

In addition, Jianghuai Shuai Ling T6 pickup successfully surpassed numerous competing products in February, leaping to the fifth position in the sales volume of single product models, becoming the most popular new generation pickup.

Why the Jianghuai pickup can be a counter-attack, resulting in such amazing sales, the author analyzes the following four reasons.

I. The policy situation is good and the industry's environmental support

In early 2016, the restriction of relaxing pickups into the city has injected a shot in the card industry. Relaxation into the city to relax is the user's psychology. As the customer's psychology of car purchase has changed, the demand for cars has also undergone subtle changes. Many pickup companies have benefited from this policy. Jianghuai pickups are the biggest beneficiaries.

With the assistance of policies, the value of the Jianghuai Shuai Ling T6 is high, and passenger car pickup trucks are particularly easy to obtain direct sales growth. Many urban residents will be more receptive to this type of pickup. Their joining will make JAC Shuai Ling T6 have more ways and opportunities to obtain sales breakthroughs, and find new growth points outside the original user groups.

Second, the first official drop in 2017, the price has once again greatly improved

JAC's handsome T6 pickup has always been a high-cost pickup. As a medium-sized pickup that is one level higher than a traditional compact pickup, the price of similar competing products is generally not less than 100,000, and the price of JAC T6 pickups is positioned at 8-10 thousand from the beginning. In the same level as the vehicle, with the same configuration, the profit margin is compressed. In the same product, the lowest price, configuration is not reduced.

At the beginning of this year, Jianghuai once again introduced official discounts, with a maximum reduction of 8,000. Jianghuai pickup this measure passed the sincerity of the manufacturers, to create a brand impression of low quality and high quality, especially for pickup truck owners focus on practical, cost-conscious psychology. Therefore, excellent market feedback was obtained. The guide price can be seen in the following table:

Third, the product line is complete to meet the needs of different users

Jianghuai Shuai Ling T6 at the beginning of the listing, only diesel two drive a series of different configuration products, then with this series of products, handsome bell T6 has been excellent sales results. Although the diesel two-wheel drive is the largest one in the pickup industry, the corresponding user population is still limited.

In 2016, Shuailing pickup began to further improve its product lineup, adding gasoline, four-wheel drive, long cargo, Maker, driver, and four-wheel drive models to meet the needs of various pickup market segments. , the needs of all types of pickup users. It is reasonable to expect that the sales volume will be doubled.

Fourth, the new factory international quality standards, products to achieve the quality of mainstream passenger cars

The quality of the product is good enough to be the biggest bargaining chip for the survival and development of the company. The top products of the Jianghuai Shuai Ling T6 pickup truck have really changed the fate of the Jianghuai pickup truck. In fact, as early as the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, Jianghuai booth has already displayed the handsome Bell T6 pickup, which was expected to be officially listed in October that year. The actual launch time of the Jianghuai Shuai Ling T6, as late as April 2015, actually slowed down more than half a year compared with competing products. At these times, JAC has been used to polish quality and improve quality.

Three years of grinding a sword, after more than 2 million kilometers of testing and adjustment, Shuai Ling T6 this long-awaited new products finally finally listed on the market. The Jianghuai high-end light truck "Shuai Ling" as the name of the series, invested 2 billion to build the new factory in Jianghuai Yangzhou, the integration of JAC's international quality control system, the use of world-class professional car production equipment. Product quality and manufacturing standards have completely reached the level of mainstream passenger vehicles, positioning high-end, affordable price, in the competing products have excellent competitiveness. Therefore, after the handsome bell T6 is listed, the sales volume can rise steadily and even double.

In 2017, Jianghuai pickups made a good start with amazing sales growth. In the next half year, Jianghuai Pickup will launch its five products and it is said that there will be a breakthrough in the engine. The more exciting news is that JAC and Volkswagen are expected to reach a cooperation this year. Although the specific information is not convenient to disclose, the facts of this future cooperation have been consistent. The timing of cooperation is most likely to be this year, and it is in the first half of this year. If the joint venture comes true, then the brand of Jianghuai pickup will be a leap forward.

In any case, this year Jianghuai pickup should focus on building its own brand and establish its own brand position in the pickup industry. We hope that the Jianghuai pickup can truly become a new banner among domestic self-made pickups, leading the domestic pickups to create new and rapid development.

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