Precautions for the handling and storage of diesel generators

It is well known that high-power diesel generators must be handled with special care, not only because it is heavy, because there are some relatively fine parts in the diesel generator set. If they are accidentally damaged, they are usually transported by diesel. We must make every preparation during the flight. Under the Starlight, let's share with you the handling considerations.
1, preparation before transportation
(1) Inspect all parts connected to the trailer and parts of the generator to see if there is any wear, corrosion, breakage, bent metal or loose bolts due to excessive use. The capacity of the tractor shall be a 10% safety factor added to the weight of the Perkins diesel generator set.
(2) Connect the trailer with the diesel generator and check if the connection is secure. Connect the indicator light. If there is an iron chain, you can bypass the tow bar and connect it to the car. If there is a safety steel cable, you can connect it.
(3) If a front screw jack is fitted, tighten it and secure it with a latch or locking device. If possible, lock the front wheel in the highest position and ensure that the rear stabilizer jack is raised or locked.
(4) Check if the tire pressure is normal, check whether all the taillights are operating properly, and check whether all spotlights are calm and effective.
(5) Check that the load wires and grounding wires have been removed and the windows, doors, and tool box have been closed and locked to ensure that all external oil tubes have been removed.
(6) If the device is parked, release it and remove the wood from the fixed wheel.
2, consignment
(1) When hauling the generator, remember not to let the weight of the generator approach or exceed the capacity of the trailer, otherwise it will affect the flexibility and braking ability of the trailer.
(2) When hauling generator sets, comply with all specifications, standards, other rules and traffic rules. These also include the rules of the equipment and the maximum speed limit.
(3) If there is a brake system, make sure the system is in good condition.
(4) No one is allowed to ride on a tow bar, nor is it allowed to stand on or ride on a tow bar or to stand or walk between a trailer and a generator. Tilt should not exceed 15 degrees (27%) to avoid pits, rocks, obstacles, and soft or weak ground. After the car is inverted, make sure to clear the back of the car.
3, mooring
Park your car in a dry place that can support the weight of the machine and the car. If you must park on a slope, drive the car so that the car does not slide downwards. Do not stop the machine at a slope of more than 15 degrees (27%). Tighten the parked system, use wood to hold the wheels on both sides, put down the front jacks, rear jacks, casters, untie the chain, untie the wires, connect the device and drive the trailer away.
After moving the diesel generator to a designated location, it is generally not easy to move. Then the storage of the diesel generator is also a matter of concern. The storage of diesel generators must be located in a clean, dry and fireproof place. It is safe to store. If it is placed in a damp and dark place, it may cause rust on some parts of the diesel generator, which will affect the normal operation of the diesel generator. Therefore, it is usually stored. The generator room of the diesel generator is to be ventilated and dry.
1. Store the diesel generator according to the storage procedure, including cleaning the diesel engine and replacing it with new lubricating oil or storage oil.
2. When the alternator is not in use, moisture will enter. To minimize moisture condensation, place the generator in a dry place. If possible, use a hot wire to keep the coil dry.
3, when the generator set to move from the storage to the installation, check the degree of insulation, if the number is lower than the front, we must dry the coil. After drying, if the megohmmeter reading is lower than 1MΩ, it indicates that the insulation is damaged and needs repair.
4. When the battery is stored, it needs to be charged once every 12 weeks (8 weeks in the tropics) and it should be full when charging.
In summary, the handling and storage of diesel generators is a problem worthy of our attention. After all, the price of a diesel engine is not a small number. After all, the diesel generators that are repaired will wear out, and the power generation effect will be lower than before. If this is the case, then why should we not pay close attention to some usage precautions when it is not used at the beginning?

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