What are the characteristics of ion exchange purification and recovery of cyanide-containing wastewater?

Ion exchange advantages: â‘  the cyanide and heavy metals can drop to very low levels; â‘¡ can be recovered and cyanide; â‘¢ sulfhydryl salt may be removed.

Its disadvantages: 1 desorption of sulfuric acid is large; 2HCN gas is dangerous, must be carefully sealed; 3 resin bed may be blocked by metal deposits; 4 investment costs are relatively high.

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Standards: Generator sets meets GB/TB2820 general technical specifications for Diesel Generator set

Electric performance for generator sets,

Rated voltage: 480-110V

Connection method: 3 phase, 4 wires or 1 phase 3 wires.

Rated frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Rated speed: 1500rpm or 1800rpm

Frequency regulation: steady state ≤-5%

Transient state ≤±10%

Steady state voltage regulation ≤±1%

Power factor: 0.8 lagging

Line voltage wave from distortions:≤5%

Cummins Diesel Generator

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