Sintering machine thermal efficiency sintering machine thermal efficiency

The sintering machine thermal efficiency is calculated as follows:

Where Q yx --- sintering effective heat, kilojoules / ton;
Q GG ———supply heat, kilojoules per ton.
The effective heat of sintering should include: the temperature rise of the sinter mixture and the heat of vaporization; the chemical decomposition of the material and the heat required to heat the material to the process temperature. If the energy QwG is supplied outward, it should also be included, ie Q Yx =q' 1 + q' 2 + q' 3 +(βq' 4 -q 6 )+ q' 10 kJ/ton

Where G'—the finished sintered ore 1000 kg;
G 7a — — hot return quantity, kg / ton;
G 7b ———Sintered dust, kg/ton.

G 7c ———Cool return quantity, kg/ton Supply calcined calorie calculation Q GG =ΣQ-q 6

Cooling equipment waste heat recovery thermal efficiency

q' Re ———Coal heat recovery heat of the cooling system, kilojoules / ton

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