Electric selection equipment and process technology---High voltage power supply for electric separator

At present, except for a few electric separators that use AC power, the high-voltage power supply of most electric separators is a high-voltage DC power source, and most of them use negative power, and only a few are positive. The single-phase AC power source is boosted by a transformer, and then rectified by a tube or a high-voltage silicon stack to become a direct current, and the negative or positive power is sent to the electrode of the electric sorter.
(1) Single-phase half-wave rectification

This is divided into two types of tubes and high-voltage silicon reactors, but they all belong to the half-wave type. Simple lines are shown in Figure 1. The advantage of half-wave rectification is that the line and equipment are simple, so the whole high-voltage power supply part is small in size, low in cost and light in weight. The disadvantage is that the voltage and current are not stable enough. [next]
(2) Bridge full-wave rectification

This rectification line is shown in Figure 2. The advantage is that the voltage and current are relatively stable, which is good for sorting. However, the outstanding shortcomings are large size, heavy weight, high cost, especially the use of tube rectification, not only the volume of the tube is large, but also requires a special filament transformer, which increases the weight.
(3) Safety issues of high voltage electrification
All kinds of electric sorters use high voltage, mostly in the range of 30 ~ 60 kV, a few up to 100 kV, so the safety issue is very important and must be highly valued, doing everything possible to prevent personal and equipment accidents.
In the design of the equipment, strict measures must be taken. In order to prevent damage to the high-voltage transformer, an overcurrent relay must be used; the DC output must be a cable that is absolutely reliable and has a high safety factor; the hood must be designed with a locking device. When the door is opened, the high-voltage power supply is cut off and the electrode is provided. Will automatically connect to the ground. The electric separator must be equipped with a special ground wire, and the resistance must be less than 2 to 4 ohms. The ground wire should be placed in a wet area and arranged in a mesh shape, buried below 1 m below the surface, and the electric separator itself should be connected to the ground wire. firm. When using the tube rectification, when the electric sorter is working, the tube of the power supply must be preheated for 10 minutes to 15 minutes before the high voltage power can be sent to the electric sorter. Otherwise it is easy to damage the power supply. After the high-pressure transformer tank has moved, it must be allowed to stand for at least 24 hours before it can be used.

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