·Heavy pollution hits the country from now on to the orange warning to lift the I country II car ban

On April 3, the second day of the Qingming small holiday, the Beijing air was heavily polluted, and the Yuyuantan cruise ship and the CCTV tower were covered in smog.
The current round of pollution is still continuing. From now on until the warning is lifted, the national I country II emission standard light-duty gasoline vehicles are banned in the city, and the warning time will be announced separately. According to the forecast, during the day of the 5th to 7th, the diffusion conditions are still unfavorable, and the air quality is expected to be 5 heavy pollution. On the night of the 7th, it was affected by cold air and the air quality improved.
   Heavy air pollution at level 5 during the day yesterday
At the beginning of the night on the 2nd, a new round of pollution hit, and as of yesterday, the pollution situation has not changed fundamentally. However, due to the influence of convective weather, the pollution situation fluctuated.
According to the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center, from the afternoon of the previous day to the evening, there was strong convective weather, and the pollution concentration was reduced to a good to mild level. However, as the weather situation gradually stabilized, the concentration of pollution began to increase gradually. During the day yesterday, the air pollution was level 5 severe.
Yesterday afternoon, the concentration in the Baoding area of ​​central and southern Hebei decreased. Due to the effect of the southerly wind, the concentration in the southern part of Beijing was reduced to a moderate to moderate level of pollution. At 19 o'clock yesterday, the air quality in the southern part of Beijing was greatly improved and reached an excellent level due to the influence of the 5th-level southwest wind. However, there is a big difference between the North and the South, and the northern region is still heavily polluted.
At 15:00 on the 3rd, Beijing's air pollution yellow warning was upgraded to orange. Comprehensive consideration of early warning and other factors, from today until the warning is lifted, the national I country II emission standard light gasoline vehicles are prohibited from driving on the road, the warning time will be announced separately.
The Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center predicts that the diffusion conditions will remain unfavorable during the day from 5 to 7 days, and the air quality is expected to be grade 5 and heavily polluted. Among them, today is moderate, heavy tomorrow, 7 days is moderate; on the 7th night, affected by cold air, air quality is better. On the 8th, the air quality returned to the second grade.
  87 super-displacement diesel vehicles are fined 40,000 yuan
At present, all relevant units in the city are doing their best to deal with heavy air pollution in accordance with the plan. The housing and construction departments have dispatched 80 inspection teams to carry out special inspections. Now, the construction sites that have not strictly implemented the measures have been required to immediately stop work and rectify and transfer them to the urban management law enforcement department for further processing. .
The city's urban management law enforcement system dispatched a total of 6021 law enforcement personnel, investigated and dealt with open-air barbecues and 14 open-air incinerations; and inspected 135 vehicles for muck, with 47 specifications.
The environmental protection system carried out law enforcement inspections on heavy-duty diesel vehicles, “small scattered pollution” enterprises, “three burns and three dusts” and other pollution discharge units and motor vehicle emissions, inspected 3,723 heavy-duty diesel vehicles, and penalized 87 vehicles with excessive emission of heavy-duty diesel vehicles. 4.16 million yuan; 94 gas stations were inspected, no violations were found; 326 pollution source units and points were inspected, and 51 environmental violations were found. The illegal problems have been stopped on the spot and dealt with seriously according to law.

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