Deepwater project is expected to introduce Fracking technology

Recently, global energy giants have begun to consider the use of land "Fracking" (: Hydraulic Fracturing) technology in deepwater energy development projects.
The related technology is one of the deepwater energy development strategy technologies that induces oil and

·The luxury car guide price is still "firm"

Last week, in the anti-monopoly investigation of the auto industry, the reporter visited a number of luxury brands and mid-end brand dealers and found that the discount range and maintenance price of the models sold have been adjusted to different degrees, but the car companies have

The compressor adjusts the cooling capacity by opening and stopping

Taking a household refrigerator as an example, when the refrigeration system is stably operated, the compressor attracts low temperature and low pressure gaseous working medium to become a high temperature and high pressure gas state after being compressed; the condenser is condensed into

Tom Hanks App Brings Typewriter Experience to iPad

In the past years, do you miss the unique style of typewriter typing? Apparently, the Hollywood star, Tom Hanks, this is why he decided to create a keyboard called Hanx Writer, an application that brings the style