The grinding wheel integrally processes the top and bottom of the tooth on the tool grinding machine

Difficulties in equipment and processes Thermoforming and heating methods for titanium alloys come in many forms. For thin-walled parts of aero engines, the more suitable heating method is heating by equipment, which generally requires the design and manufacture of special machine tools. The heat source of the machine tool is mainly an electric heating furnace. The process is to transfer heat to the mold, heat the mold to the forming temperature, and then put the wool into the hot press. This special machine tool is an organic combination of electric furnace and pressurization system. It must comprehensively consider heating temperature conditions, working pressure, thermal insulation, cooling protection, safe operation and processing methods and scope. It is a complex system. engineering. Molds are an important process equipment in hot forming. In addition to having qualified molds, it is also necessary to control the quality of the blanks, find the optimum temperature, pressure and time, and other process parameters, use protective coatings and lubricants correctly, and formulate appropriate process specifications for material properties and different types of workpieces. . Hot-stretched parts with shaped points are measured by a CMM, and then the measurement data is processed and analyzed by computer. The above process is likely to need to be repeated.

The key technology breakthrough titanium alloy hot press forming machine tool equipment is not a general equipment, so we use the company's existing equipment to develop a 630-ton hydraulic press can be loaded and unloaded titanium plate thermoforming electric furnace formed between each other Flexible match. When needed, it is a special machine that can complete the hot forming of titanium plates. It can process all titanium alloy thin-walled parts of a new type of engine; it will return to 630 tons of hydraulic press when not needed. The key points of equipment development are as follows: According to the needs of the dimensions of a new engine type, the heating range of the electric heating furnace is determined. According to the thickness of the insulation layer and the strip of the 630-ton hydraulic press table, the toothed line segments and line segments are used to form the grinding wheel. The tooth top and the tooth bottom are integrally machined on a tool grinder. (Finish)