Shandong Yikang Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

China Drying Network This year, Shandong Yikang Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. invested 112.7 million yuan to implement two key provincial technological transformation projects, namely the oral solid preparation workshop and the oral liquid workshop. These two projects hav

Policy trends tend to be clear, LED subway lighting market is promising

Since the LED quietly illuminates the domestic subway reform and development, China's urbanization process has obviously accelerated. The urbanization rate has increased from 17.9 in 1979 to 45.7 in 2008 to the end of 2008. The total number of cities in the country is 655, and the total pop

Is the LED display entering the rural high or over-constructed?

With the continuous development of rural informatization, more and more LED displays have appeared in rural communities and become a beautiful landscape in the community. Integrating microelectronics, computer and information processing technology, LED display can help to improve the status quo

Philips major adjustment: splitting its lighting and medical technology

According to reports, the Philips Group, which has a long history of 120 years on Tuesday, announced that it will split its business into two. The lighting business will set up a separate company, and the consumer goods and pharmaceuticals will merge into a company with a scale of 15 billion eu