Inventory of China's LED lighting industry nine packaging companies

LED downstream application market demand is strong, driving the rapid development of LED packaging market. Since the beginning of this year, not only domestic LED packaging manufacturers have used the trend of localization of chips, but domestic LED application companies have also received a la

Analysis of the working state of the relay

The working state of the relay mainly refers to the action state of the input signal to the coil. The design of the relay coil is a signal that has a long-term continuous action corresponding to different input signal states, and has a short-term repeated operation (pulse) signal. Continu

Valve, flange installation should be how to implement quotas

According to the national unified fixed quantity calculation rules: (1) valve, flange installation, production and installation of a variety of casing, pump room pipeline installation and pipeline system strength test, tight test implementation of Volume VI, "Industrial Pipe Installation P

Talking about the official announcement of the era of lighting application

The Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance said that the objective three indicators of LED lighting application development have reached the standard this year, and the lighting application era is officially coming. This year, LED lighting will become the focus of the market. According to the as

·Google pushes Android Auto car intelligent acceleration

Following the seamless integration of iOS devices and car dashboard systems by Apple's Carplay in-vehicle system, Google has also announced the launch of the Android car system Android Auto. The two IT giants have formed a "double-headed game" for the intelligent layout

O2O mode has little impact on LED lighting stores

With the rise of e-commerce and the O2O model, it has more or less impact on lighting stores. Many store merchants said that the impact of e-commerce and O2O is a significant reduction in customer traffic, and the price of online and offline products is not the same, which brings a lot of troub

Talking about China's LED lighting industry or crisis

In the past ten years, many companies have witnessed the changes in China's LED lighting industry from small to large. They have also witnessed the success of many companies relying on the government's huge subsidies, and the market has become saturated and overcapacity. So, how should

Deep interpretation: Guangzhou Shenzhen LED business management status

Guangzhou passenger flow declines rents. Currently, Guangzhou lighting and lighting merchants are mainly concentrated in Da Nan Road Lighting City, Anwar Lighting City, Yangcheng Decoration Materials Market, Wuzhou City International Building Materials Center, Donghong Decoration Materials City