Use the motor no-load magnetization curve to adjust the data to reduce the temperature rise

Using the no-load magnetization curve of the motor to adjust the data to reduce the temperature rise, Jiangsu Changzhou Senyuan Switch Co., Ltd. 213014 Yang Keqin's best solution, but some design data and parameter performance of the motor are interrelated and mutually restrictive, and the adjustment is often complicated and Difficult to analyze the principle of practice and practice, through the no-load magnetization curve of the motor, analyze the saturation degree of the magnetic circuit, and look for the corresponding adjustment person to effectively solve the problem. The new product of the motor must meet the requirements of the user and meet the technical requirements of the motor, and strive to be economical and reasonable. In the trial production process, the design data is often adjusted repeatedly to determine the adjustment of the design data of Jiafang Wei and the motor. Performance materials, etc. will all have an impact, causing corresponding changes. They are related to each other and the situation is often complicated. How to pass the experiment, eat the right situation, find the reason, and grasp the key, the right medicine is a very important and practical way in the design and trial production of the motor. 1 Use the no-load magnetization curve to determine the saturation of the magnetic circuit according to user requirements. In the design and trial production of special small-sized and small-sized motors, the temperature rise of the motor has been too high. Some adjustment measures to reduce the temperature rise introduced in the related books of the asynchronous motor, etc., in the second part of the motor engineering manual, did not pass the experiment. However, the method of appropriately reducing the number of turns of the stator winding and the cross section of the large stator winding is adopted, and the purpose of reducing the temperature rise of the motor is achieved by reducing the loss of the motor, but the result is counterproductive, and the temperature rise of the motor is higher. In the first step of meticulous research, the paper made the no-load magnetization curve of the motor and analyzed the saturation of the magnetic circuit of the motor. It was found that the magnetic circuit of the motor has been saturated with the corpse, and the iron loss is approximately proportional to the square of the magnetic density. Then reduce the number of turns of the stator winding from the illusion to 31 iron consumption of about 51,512 increase, resulting in a large increase in iron consumption. Although the number of stator winding turns is reduced, the stator winding resistance is reduced, but the excitation current is reduced. 12 tearing 2, large, magnetic circuit is more saturated, and the copper loss of the stator is proportional to the square of the current, so that the copper consumption will not decrease, but will be larger. Therefore, after adjusting by the above method, the copper consumption of iron consumption will continue to 1; The class insulation is determined by the type test. The stator winding temperature rise resistance method reaches 85 when the continuous cycle is running. The temperature rise limit is 801. The rated voltage and the frequency are locked at 30 constant winding temperature. The resistance method 1 reaches 931 and exceeds the temperature rise limit. After 90 analysis, the following method can be used to test and judge according to the 1 wiring, and the no-load experiment is carried out. When the motor is started, the switch is opened and only the main winding is operated as no-load.
Under the condition that the no-load speed is kept constant, the voltage is adjusted, and the no-load voltage of the corresponding points is measured, and the no-load current makes a no-load magnetization curve. =, so when the machine is idle.
The relationship between the magnetic welcome of the magnetic circuit and the excitation current, 1 =, when it is constant, the electromotive force of the stator winding = the medium-load current. The component of the sigma is small and can be ignored. In fact, it can be used with the no-load curve, =, substitution, and relationship curve.
According to the origin of the coordinate, the curve of the no-load curve is 4, which is the line of the hall where the gas point is the axis. The cross-load curve in the 1st line segment 50 is the required magnetic potential of the air gap, and the magnetic flux required for the core portion is increased by the phase temperature, and the line price is the air gap. , Wan play heart decoration. Find the 1 quotient, potential, and 5 is the total magnetic potential 2 (3) required in the magnetic circuit to find the full air gap magnetic potential.
The saturation factor in the motor design is at rated motor operation. The ratio of the sum of the magnetic potentials required by the air gap to the tooth portion of the rotor and the required magnetic potential of the air gap, that is, lF2, the saturation coefficient obtained in the no-load experiment, the original, and the saturation coefficient of the juice setting The same, but the suitable range of saturation coefficient is slightly different. According to the relevant data and practical experience, the electric phase motor 6 compares the obtained special value with the normal range to determine the saturation degree of the magnetic circuit. The rated voltage of the motor is 22 mp. People = 3 =.64, but the magnetic circuit passed through the Shanghai full machine 2 according to the question. Take adjustment measures to record the phase winding electric potential 1 = 4.441 妒 1 person 1 only around the hunger winding coefficient has been determined to take the bucket.
妒 is a constant mountain type becomes 2 from the formula, to adjust the value only, the voltage change value on the no-load magnetization curve can also be obtained from the no-load magnetization curve by the no-load magnetization curve when the voltage is 21 sinking, the heart = =1.49. In normal norm 1, the number of divisions should be increased by 1.048 times, and the number of turns per pole of the original main winding is 310 7. If the number of turns is adjusted to 325 匝, then 3 = 翌 = 80. Exceeding the range of manual ruled line 8 will cause the rule to be difficult, so the actual adjustment is 320.79.79, which is 8 times off, then the original iron core length 58 is increased by 2, rounded to 60 test, and the motor runs continuously. The stator winding temperature rise resistance method is reduced to 73.5, and when the voltage is turned to 3, 1, the stator winding temperature rise resistance method is reduced to 82.3, which meets the temperature rise standard limit. Therefore, the relevant data can be adjusted by using the motor no-load magnetization curve. The method of reducing the degree of supersaturation of the magnetic circuit can significantly reduce the problem of the technical performance index difference caused by the excessive saturation of the magnetic circuit in the design of the motor machine. This method can also be used to determine the under-saturation of the magnetic circuit of the motor and make corresponding Adjustment so that the motor meets the technical conditions In addition, the economic interface is connected to the 31st page. 1 For me, the 31610 is a system with a majority of power grids. The neutral point of the transformer is not grounded or grounded by the arc suppression coil. The protection usually only needs to send a ground signal, and does not trip the zero sequence current protection. The short delay is for a few transformers in the 3rd generation 601 grid. The neutral point of the transformer is grounded by a high-impedance ground. The protection action is tripping, and its action current is 2. It should avoid the turbulent motives during the starting process. Symmetrical 3 times unbalanced zero-sequence current, delay setting is 0.58, this delay to avoid the effect of phase-to-phase short circuit on zero-sequence current protection, 6 conclusions to develop over-current negative sequence zero-sequence protection Asynchronous motor microcomputer type comprehensive protection This protection 覆盖 covers all common fault categories of wide asynchronous motor. It has ideal protection performance and intelligent fault diagnosis function. It has strong protection function and high performance and price ratio. It has good application prospects. 1 Intelligent integrated protection of high voltage asynchronous motor. Relay, 19961.

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6. Storable procedures: 1000 models

7. X-axis travel: 400mm;

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9. Z-axis travel: 160mm;

10. Air input pressure: 0.8MPa

11. Rated voltage frequency single phase: 220V, 50Hz

12. Machine power: 2.0kw

13. Machine dimensions: 1.14 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.75 meters high

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