Principle and application of heat recovery device for screw air compressor

The principle and application of Xinjiang non-ferrous metal screw air compressor heat recovery unit Cheng Yuan (Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., Urumqi 830013) heats hot water to reduce energy consumption of the plant.

1 Thermal energy recovery device structure and electronic control principle 1.1 Structure as shown by the dotted line, mainly by heat exchanger, insulation water tank, pipeline pump, hot water self-priming pump, electric valve, solenoid valve, temperature sensing rod, check valve, manual valve And other components. The electric control part is composed of two parts: electric control of thermal energy recovery device, heat preservation water tank and water level control, as shown in 3.

Thermal energy recovery system system flow. 2 Thermal energy recovery electric control principle When the air compressor starts running, the middle KA contact is closed, the contactor KM is electrically connected, the water inlet solenoid valve is energized to open, the time relay KT coil, its normally open contact is closed, when the temperature is sensitive When the outlet water temperature detected by the rod 1 is greater than the AH value set by the temperature controller, the outlet electric coil of the outlet water valve is electrically opened, and the high temperature hot water is injected into the insulation tank. When the temperature of the water detected by the temperature sensing rod 1 is lower than the AL value set by the temperature controller, the water circuit electric valve reverse coil is electrically closed, and the low temperature hot water is not injected into the heat insulating water tank, so that the water temperature can be controlled in the setting. Within the range of values. In addition, the time relay KT selects the double setting cycle relay, and can control the on/off of the power supply of the outlet electric valve according to the set on-off time.

1.3 Insulation tank water level, temperature electric control principle Xinjiang non-ferrous metal water tank water level, temperature control principle diagram Water shortage protection automatic water level controller controls the high and low water level of the water tank, when the water level of the water tank is lower than the high water level controller L2 probe, The normally open contact L2 is closed, the water supply solenoid valve is electrically opened, and the cold water enters the heat recovery device heat exchanger through the one-way valve 1 and the pipeline pump, and the hot water is added to the water tank. When the water level of the water tank reaches the high water level controller L2 probe, The normally open contact L2 is disconnected, the water supply solenoid valve is de-energized, and the water tank is no longer replenished. When the water level of the water tank is lower than the low water level controller L1 probe, the normally closed contact L1 is disconnected, and the self-priming heat pump is powered off, which can prevent the water tank from being dehydrated and burn the hot water pump.

Set the value of the high and low temperature AH and AL of the middle temperature controller according to the need. When the water temperature in the water tank is lower than the set AH value, the water in the water tank will enter the heat exchanger by the manual valve 1, the check valve 2, and the pipeline pump. The self-circulation heating is performed until the water temperature reaches the set AH value, the normally closed contact of the temperature controller AH is disconnected, the pipeline pump is powered off, and the self-circulation process ends.

2 Screw-type air compressor waste heat recovery introduction Air compressor is mainly used to provide a constant flow of compressed air with constant pressure. The working process is as follows: air filters the dust or impurities in the atmosphere through the air inlet filter. The gas control valve enters the air compressor main body, and is mixed with the injected cooling lubricating oil during the compression process, and the compressed mixed gas is discharged from the compression chamber into the oil and gas separation barrel, thereby obtaining high temperature and high pressure oil and gas, respectively. Due to the working temperature requirements of the machine, these high temperature and high pressure oils and gases must be sent to the cooling system. The compressed air is cooled by the cooler and finally sent to the use system. The high temperature and high pressure lubricating oil is cooled by the cooler and returned to the oil circuit. Into the next cycle; in the above process, using the device to cool the high temperature and high pressure compressor lubricating oil produced by the screw air compressor can not only improve the gas production efficiency of the air compressor, but also obtain production and life. The required hot water can reach 65 * C in winter and 78 * C at the highest temperature, which reduces the energy consumption of the factory and has good economic and environmental benefits.

3 screw air compressor heat energy recovery application 3.1 heat energy recovery unit oil circuit circulation process As shown, the heat recovery unit's inlet and outlet ports are respectively connected with the air compressor circulation oil line, and the air compressor can be recovered. The waste heat generated in the process. When the air compressor is started cold, the oil temperature is low, and the lubricating oil in the oil and gas barrel enters the machine head through the heat control valve 1 and the oil filter. At this time, the heat energy recovery heat exchanger and the oil cooler are bypassed. After the air compressor is running for a period of time, the temperature of the lubricating oil begins to rise. When the operating temperature of the thermal control valve 1 is reached, the lubricating oil flows into the heat recovery heat exchanger to transfer the heat to the water to be heated, and the lubricating oil enters the next process. If the temperature of the lubricating oil after heat exchange by the heat recovery heat exchanger is lower than the operating value of the heat control valve 2, the oil cooler is bypassed and passed through the oil filter to enter the machine head. If the action value of the thermal control valve 2 is reached (low pressure machine: 66*C slowly open, 77 °C fully open, high pressure machine: 80 °C slowly open, 88 °C fully open), then first enter the oil cooler, then The oil filter enters the nose. When the heat recovery device fails or is suspended, the middle manual valve 2 and the manual valve 3 can be closed, and the bypass valve can be opened, and the air compressor oil passage will no longer pass through the heat recovery device.

3.2 Process description The whole process of the hollow press generates waste heat to provide heat source, heat exchange in the heat exchanger of the air compressor heat recovery unit to generate hot water, the hot water is pumped through the pipeline, and stored in the heat preservation tank next to the air compressor, and then Hot water is sent to each water point by a hot and cold water self-priming water pump. The hot water in the insulated water tank is continuously reheated by the circulating pipe pump until the preset water temperature is reached. The supplementary water level is completed by the water level controller and the pipeline pump control system.

4 advantages of using thermal energy recovery technology (1) reduce the operating temperature of the air compressor, reduce the fault and extend the life. A special wage policy can also be implemented in Xinjiang non-ferrous metals. It is necessary to deepen the reform of the enterprise employment system and establish an effective talent incentive and use mechanism to create a good environment for the growth of mining professionals.

(3) Establishing a scientific performance evaluation mechanism and compensation system The reason for the brain drain of mining enterprises lies in the lack of a scientific performance evaluation mechanism, and the treatment of employees is inconsistent with the contribution to the enterprise, thus making employees feel unfair. By establishing a new skill assessment system that is oriented to the development of the ability and linked to the employee's work performance, while focusing on the employee's professional ethics, knowledge level and skill level, the employee can see the treatment obtained through hard work. I can see my contribution to the company. Due to historical reasons, there is a gap between the status and treatment of professional and technical personnel and management cadres, which has led many professional and technical personnel to take the initiative to break away from the original development space and deliberately seek the “sports way” to obtain higher economic returns. This "misplacement" choice is caused by the lack of internal incentives or insufficient improvement, which seriously affects the technological progress of enterprises. Establishing a scientific salary system can enable enterprises and employees to become a community of interests of honour and dissatisfaction, to promote effective labor, and to coordinate the goals of employees with the strategic goals of the company. Optimize the allocation of human resources, focus on incentives, effectively develop and utilize human resources, maximize the potential of professional and technical personnel while retaining talents, create more value for enterprises, and thoroughly solve the ideas of employees. The problem is to ensure the harmonious development of the company.

Because of the limited natural conditions, mining companies have less communication with the outside world, and employees have few training opportunities. From a knowledge point of view, the development of modern science and technology leads to a rapid update of knowledge, and various trainings of enterprises play a vital role in the long-term development of enterprises. Cultivating and promoting employees with the ability and potential to develop will enable employees to see the bright future of working hard for the company, making them loyal to the company and inspiring them to use their intelligence to create more value. The key to retaining talents is to provide employees with a complete training program and help employees find a combination of career development and business development, so that employees can understand their skills, interests, and value orientation. Try to make their directors and companies need to work hard to provide them with a big stage to show their talents and realize the value of life. Only by using all those who have the ability to cultivate all those who are willing to make progress can attract talents and retain talents.

(Continued from page 95) The oil temperature is low, it is not easy to deteriorate, the lubrication is good, and the service life of the lubricating oil and oil separator of the equipment is prolonged.

(2) Improve the efficiency of air compressor operation and implement economic operation. The air compressor unit of the screw type air compressor heat recovery device is installed to increase the viscosity of the lubricating oil, improve the sealing performance, the suction force is large, the leakage is reduced, and the gas production rate is improved.

(3) It is not affected by the weather. As long as the air compressor is running, the heat recovery device can be used to provide the required hot water.

5 Thermal energy recovery Energy-saving air compressors are used to increase the energy consumed by the air potential energy during operation. Only a small part of the total power consumption is about 15%, and about 85% of the electrical energy is converted into heat. Air or cold water is discharged into the air. These “excess” heat is discharged into the air and was wasted. For 50% of the wasted heat, it can be recycled. Therefore, after installing the heat recovery device in the air compressor oil circulation line, Large economic benefits can be obtained in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction.

6 Conclusion The use of air compressors is almost everywhere in the industry. The waste heat recovery of air compressors can be said to have very large energy saving potential and economic benefits. From the perspective of reducing production costs, it is also worthy of promotion in enterprises.

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