Honda CR-V brake system hidden trouble

Honda CR-V brake system hidden trouble

In the past, the first impression given by Japanese cars was often a bad label with low safety, a relatively brittle and light body, and with the increasing consumer demand for car safety in recent years, the world’s major auto companies also Gradually strengthen the safety performance of its new models. Honda is one of Japan's top three auto companies and has also added a number of safety configurations to new cars released in recent years. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Honda's world's first "collision Mitigation Brake System" (CMBS). ) won the European NCAP for the first time the advanced technology award. A few days ago, China Netcom learned from the European New Vehicle Safety Evaluation Association (E-NCAP) that Honda Motor Corporation will launch a recall plan for some CR-V models in the European region due to hidden dangers in the brake system, involving unknown quantities.

According to the news released by the European Association for New Vehicle Safety Evaluation (E-NCAP), the model of this investigation is part of the CR-V Honda, the date of production is unknown, and the quantity involved is unknown. China is not involved.

It is understood that in this investigation of the vehicle model, the brake may be activated automatically because the CMBS detects an obstacle in front of the vehicle. A sudden brake may cause a vehicle accident.

The CMBS system judges the collision risk coefficient through the vehicle driving state, the distance between the preceding vehicle and the relative speed. When the danger occurs, an alarm warning is issued to prompt the driver to take measures to avoid the collision in time, and at the same time, the braking is applied to reduce the speed to achieve an effective avoidance of traffic accidents. Reduce the purpose of collision damage. This is Honda's first safety technology in the world. The system was started in 2003 with the "electronic pre-tensioned seat belt system" and applied to the product.

Concrete Pole Spinning/Centrifugal Machine:

Concrete Pole Spinning/Centrifugal Machine is mainly apply to produce High strength centrifugal technology Prestressed Reinforced concrete pole(SPC pole) by spinning formed. According to customer's effeciency request, there are Single wheel spinning machine and Double wheel spinning machine at customer's option, it is equipped with a stepless speed-variation motor and a control panel, it works smoothly and its speeder is of wide-range. Its box base is sturdy and durable and easy for installation.

 Spinning Machine's Advantages:

1. Unique "slot" design, change the screw limit between the bearing support and the base plate with the card slot and bolt limit. Both up and down sides of the spinning machine panel, undersurface and two sides of bearing support go through fine machining. Though the process is complex, it makes it more solid during high-frequency vibration of bearing support and the floor. Repair and replacement also have interchangeability.

Spinning machine for concrete pile

2. Connection shaft is whole shaft, to avoid stress concentration brought by shaft diameter changes, resulting in the phenomenon of "shaft-broken".

Spinning machine for electric pole

3. The limit side of the support wheel is removable. It is convenient for users to replace.

Centrigual machine for Concrete spun pile

4. Frequency-conversion cabinet of spinning machine records process parameter of each pipe and output reports, provides the office computer data communication interface.

Spinng machine automatic controller


Spinning Machine Technical Parameter:

Wheel Distance(mm)


Central wheel Distance(mm)


Wheel Diameteri(mm)


Axle Diameter(mm)


Automatic controller for centrifugal concrete pile machine



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