Leaf area analyzer for analysis of relationship between photosynthesis and leaf

The important organs of photosynthesis in fruit trees are non-leaf, and the leaf area coefficient is an important indicator of fruit tree production capacity. Therefore, the determination of leaf area is a common task in scientific research and production of fruit trees. Until now, the determination of the area of ​​single leaves of various fruit trees (such as apples, pears, peaches, grapes, apricots, plums, mountain plants, dates, chestnuts, etc.) has been reported, but no single leaf of persimmon tree has been seen yet. Area measurement methods are reported. In addition, when using the correlation regression method to measure the leaf area of ​​the fruit tree, it is only estimated by a simple linear regression of an independent variable (such as leaf length, leaf width, or length-width product value), and multivariate linear regression analysis is used to analyze the fruit tree leaf. Leaf area has not been reported. The leaf area meter is an important instrument for the determination of leaf area, and its measurement results are very effective for research.

The test method was as follows: 1.1 Immediately after the leaves were taken, the area of ​​each leaf was measured with a leaf area meter. 1.2 Each leaf is accurately drawn on a thick and even paper, and the actual area of ​​each leaf is calculated using the paper weighing method (this method is time-consuming, but with high accuracy), and it also accurately determines each Leaf length and width, length from leaf base to tip, leaf width at the widest point of the leaf. 1.3 The area of ​​each leaf was determined by a grid plate (the checkerboard was made of coordinate paper). Finally, a statistical analysis was performed using a Pc-1500 microcomputer.

From the measurement results of the leaf area meter, the difference between the area of ​​the persimmon leaves measured by the electro-optical leaf area meter and the measurement result of the paper weight method was not significant, so the checkerboard (made of coordinate paper, containing 100 small squares per square centimeter) was not significant. Both of these methods are suitable for the determination of the single leaf area of ​​persimmon trees, and the error of grid plate measurement results is smaller. Therefore, when using these two methods, it can be selected according to the number of blades to be measured and the required accuracy. In addition to the above, we have also made a significant difference in the determination of the single leaf area of ​​persimmon trees using the simple linear regression equation (x for length x width) and multivariate linear regression equations obtained from this experiment and the grid plate method and photoelectric leaf area meter method. The determination.

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