A domestic LED lamp exported to France was recalled due to quality problems

Recently, the European Commission's non-food rapid alert system (RAPEX) recalled a Chinese-made LED lamp. The notified country of this case is France. The product in the OECD Portal Category is 78 million (electrical). Reason for recall: The product is prone to moisture, and the inside of t

Daily Maintenance of Air Compressor for Bulk Cement Truck

The quality and performance of air compressors directly affect the speed and efficiency of bulk cement truck unloading. Therefore, the quality of a bulk cement truck depends largely on the quality of the air compressors in

Storage cages - reduce costs and increase competitive advantage

Introduction: Storage cages have been widely used in various industry sectors in recent years. In such a fiercely competitive society, only by effectively reducing costs and improving product quality can the competitiveness of enterprises be enhanced. Sto