What is black nickel

A coating that integrates nickel , zinc , sulfur, and organic matter is black, commonly known as black nickel. The black nickel layer has a good extinction effect. The

Magnetic separation test

First, magnetic separation test
Magnetic mainly for recycling or removing the magnet and pyrrhotite ore, ferrosilicon and other ma

Gold-selenium ore processing

Gold selenium ore usually contains selenium 0.05-0.2%, because selenium is dissolved in cyanide solution, which complicates the cyanidation process (increased cyanide consumption and selenium film on the surfac

Wastewater treatment concept

The solid suspended matter in the water and various substances dissolved in the water are separated and removed to achieve the prescribed discharge standard. At the same time, the separated substances from the sewage are treated reasonably or comprehensively recycled.

Overview of gold recovery from lead anode mud

The treatment of lead anode mud is basically smelted by fire at home and abroad. The traditional fire law principle process is shown in Figure 1.
China has both copper…

Oxygenated salt

This category includes oxyacids (complex anions) [SO 4 ] 4- [BO 3 ] 3- [AsO 4 ] 3- [PO 4 ] 3- [SO 4 ] 2- [CO 3 ] 2- [CrO 4 ] 2- ......