Technical research deepens the freeze-dried machine into the industry

Affected by this, freeze-drying equipment as a carrier of freeze-drying technology will enter the stage of rapid development. Modern freeze-drying equipment not only satisfies the requirements of various freeze-drying processes, but also can be fully automated using electronic computers in operation control. In the process, a cyclic pressure method for improving the heating conditions, shortening the freeze-drying cycle, regulating the pressure and sublimation method, and monitoring the pressure at the end of drying are invented. In addition, in the freeze-drying of medicines, freeze-drying equipment can automatically add stoppers to the vials under vacuum conditions, and automatically seal the ampoules.

In a freeze-drying apparatus, a vacuum freeze-dryer (hereinafter referred to as "freeze dryer") can be said to be "a member of the generals." The articles that have been processed by vacuum freeze-drying are easy to preserve for a long period of time. After adding water, they can return to the state before freeze-drying and maintain the original biochemical characteristics. In addition, freeze-drying technology is very suitable for heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones and other biological tissues. Therefore, lyophilizers are widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical and food industries.

The freezing process is a major feature of freeze dryers. I learned that freeze-drying machines generally have the following types of quick freezing process. The first is the soaking method. This method has the fastest freezing speed. The material can be quickly frozen by soaking in liquid nitrogen, liquid Freon, and low temperature brine. Followed by the air-cooling method, this method can blow low-temperature cold wind on the material, so that the material freezes to a certain temperature within a specified time. Then there is the direct cooling method. This method can place the refrigerant or refrigerant in the evaporation pipe to absorb the heat of the material so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. Finally, the vacuum refrigeration method uses vacuum to remove heat from the moisture in the material and cool the cooled material.

However, what needs to be reminded is that no matter what method is adopted, the operator should ensure that the material freezes to a certain temperature within the specified time without any substantial deformation. Due to the complicated lyophilization process and the narrow range of working conditions, the quality of lyophilized products will be reduced if they are not observed. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a self-control system. The design of the freeze-dryer automatic control system requires simple operation, starting from the material into the button, to the quick-freezing vacuum sublimation drying at one go, suggesting that the freeze-drying can be discharged after shutdown.

The high-quality quick-freezing process coupled with a powerful refrigeration system makes the lyophilizer a “darling” of the market. Small freeze dryers have more varieties of lyophilizers on the market, and users often have no choice when they choose. There are industry professionals to give users tricks: First, according to the characteristics of the material, choose the configuration of a small freeze dryer, is an ordinary type, ordinary multi-manifold type, or gland type, gland multi manifold type, safety tube type, T type . Then determine the pre-freezing temperature of the lyophilizer, if you are ready to pre-freeze in a low-temperature refrigerator can not be considered in determining whether it is necessary to configure -80 °C function (used for organic solution drying).

At present, with the continuous deepening of research on freeze-drying technology, a new type of small-scale freeze-dryer emerges. Compared with the original product, the new small freeze dryer has powerful functions, namely liquid crystal display, increased sample temperature monitoring record, cold trap temperature monitoring record, freeze drying data curve display, configuration through 232 interface data output, cold The trap temperature was optimized to -55°C.

However, experts also reminded that although the small freeze-drying machine is dazzling, users still have to choose products according to their actual needs. If you want to buy products that are cost-effective, quality, and effective, you need to look for brands and services and purchase machinery from regular manufacturers.

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Square Downspipe Roll Forming Machine

Square Downpipe Roll Forming Machine is PLC control, full automatic, mould cutting.

Our products are widely used in various factories, civilian building, warehouse and other steel structure building.


Raw material PPGI or GI
Material thickness range 0.2-0.8mm
Rollers 18 rows
Material of forming rollers 45# steel with chromed
Shaft diameter and mateiral 76mm, material is 40Cr
Material of cutting blade Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
Forming speed 12-15m/min(excluding cutting stoping time)
Main motor power 4 KW
Hydraulic station power 3KW
Mode of cutting Hydraulic cutting or flying saw cutting or mould cutting
Control system PLC Frequency Control System with touch screen

Working process:

Working process

Decoiler - Feeding guide - Straightening - Main roll forming machine - PLC control system - Cutting - Exit rack

Pictures of machine:





downpipe downpipe


Training and Installation :
1. We offer installation service local in paid, reasonable charge.
2. QT test is welcome and professional.
3. manual and using guide is optional if no visiting and no installation.

Certification and after service:

1. Match the technology standard, ISO producing certification
2. CE certification
3. 12 months warranty since the delivery. Board.

Our advantages:

1. Short delivery period.
2. Effective communication
3. Interface customized.

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