Analysis of the reason why the electroplated nickel plate is not tinned

Cause Analysis tin nickel plating is not on board, please check to make adjustments from the following aspects:

1. Pre-plating treatment: Acid degreasing, due to the recent low temperature, there may be some plates or surface solder mask residual film / unclean, can adjust the degreaser concentration / temperature, and micro-etching should also pay attention to micro-etching depth And board color uniformity;

2. Nickel plating problem: nickel tank pollution oil or metal pollution is heavy, it is recommended to low current electrolysis or carbon core filtration; abnormal pH value, adjust with ok sulfuric acid or nickel carbonate ok; nickel plating thickness is not enough, porosity is too high, check Nickel plating current density, use current card meter to check the current of the conductive rod and the meter display current consistency, nickel time, if necessary, can do metallographic section observation of nickel layer thickness and interlayer surface condition; nickel plating tank additive is too low / too high Such conditions may occur, but the additive may be lower; in addition, the nickel chloride content has a little influence on the weldability of the nickel layer, pay attention to adjust to the optimum value, too high stress, too low layer High porosity;

3. Gold layer false plating, nickel layer washing time is too long or oxidation passivation, pay attention to strengthen the washing time control, here use hot pure water;

4. Poor post-treatment; should be dried in time after washing, put into a place with good ventilation, it is best not to be placed in the electroplating workshop!

5. Others should pay attention to all chemical treatments. The water quality requirements of the cleaning water are higher than the general plating requirements! Generally use municipal water / tap water, recycled water / well water lake water is recommended not to use, because the water is high hardness / contains other complex organic matter!

Best to cooperate with chemical analysis check!

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