Malaysia accelerates development of solar and LED lighting industry

Solar Asia 2015 and Ecolight Asia 2015 were held together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many exhibitors expect energy costs to rise and the local government to implement environmental policies. Come to better prospects. Solar Asia 2015 and Ecolight Asia 2015 have been held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi

Compressed air system networking technology transformation plan

The control of the valve adjusts the amount of air processed in the first line, and finally stops one line of air compressor under the condition of ensuring normal production, and reduces the cost of compressed air. When the pressure of the net exceeds the set pressure (0 75MPa), it can o

Principle and application of heat recovery device for screw air compressor

The principle and application of Xinjiang non-ferrous metal screw air compressor heat recovery unit Cheng Yuan (Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., Urumqi 830013) heats hot water to reduce energy consumption of the plant.

1 Thermal energy recovery device structure and electronic control p

Cummins Emissions Processing System Helps China's Green Road

Remember the strong social repercussions caused by Chai Jing's "Under the Sky" not so long ago? As a major contributor to urban PM2.5, automobile exhaust emissions are gradually being noticed by the general public. However, in 2015, the official implementation of the â

Honda CR-V brake system hidden trouble

Honda CR-V brake system hidden trouble

In the past, the first impression given by Japanese cars was often a bad label with low safety, a relatively brittle and light body, and with the i