Introduction to vanadium mica

Vanadium mica (produced in sandstone ) Roscoelite in Sandstone
Vanadium mica chemical composition: K(V, Al, Mg) 2 AlSi 3 O 10 (OH) 2 , Y group

Combination of inhibitors

Although the combination of inhibitors is far less than the combination of collectors , it is still quite a lot. The combination types are:
1. Sulfide ore containing cyanide inhibitor combination
Such combinati

Hazard and mechanism of cadmium pollution

Long-term consumption of cadmium- contaminated foods may lead to "painful illness", that is, the excessive volume of cadmium damages the renal tubular function, causing the loss of protein in the body from the urine, forming cartilage and spontaneo

Talking about the type and application range of grouting machine

Introduction: The grouting machine has many similarities with the spraying machine's field of use, such as tunnels, roads, railways, subways, coal mine shafts, etc., said white, spraying machine is "spray" upward, grouting machine It's a