Mine ventilation concept

The grease of the mine ventilation is continuously conveyed by the wind or the natural wind pressure to a proper amount of fresh air to the bottom of each well to supply personnel with breathing, reduce the temperature of the underground working face, dilute and discharge various dusts an

Development of high frequency fine screen

GPS-900-3 high-frequency fine screen GPS-900-3 high-frequency fine screen was successfully developed in the early 1980s, and its structural properties are as follows.
1. Structure The high-frequency fine screen consists of exciter, slurry distributor, painter, screen frame, frame, prod

Sand gold deposit mining

1. Overview of sand gold deposit mining
      There are two broad approaches open pit mining and underground mining deposits in sand mining gold. Underground mining is used

钽铌Secondary resource recovery

é’½ Less resources, expensive, and secondary resource utilization have special significance. Tantalum Niobium secondary resources comprises two parts: tantalum and niobium smelting and processing waste gener

Main process of recycled zinc recovery

The treatment process of regenerated zinc in China is divided into two methods: fire separation method and wet method. Wherein the high zinc content of the waste processing method of metal materials h

Introduction to garnet

The garnet has a chemical formula of A 3 B 2 [SiO 4 ] 3 , and the crystal is a general term for a group of island-like structure silicate minerals of the equiaxed crystal system. In the chemical formula,