Guoji Luojian LDD312H-2 opens the road of intelligent road roller

With the development of science and technology, "intelligence" has indiscriminately penetrated into all aspects of modern life, and the seemingly cumbersome and extensive construction machinery has also embarked on the road of intelligence. As far as the cons

Grain Harvest Storage Safety Leads Importance to Food Drying Equipment

On December 8, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that the output of grain this year was 61,629,000 tons, which was a year of bumper harvest, although it decreased by 5.20 million tons from 2015. “The grain eats rice and the Secretary of the People’s Livelihood also.â€

Hubei Sanhuan visits Fast to establish long-term and stable cooperation

On December 13, 2016, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Fast Group, Yan Jianbo met with Xu Lijuan, the general manager of Hubei Sanhuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. visited by Fast , in the conference room of the Xi'an High-tech Factory Building.

How does the parking system meet the user's parking and management needs?

At present, the parking system on the market has been widely distributed in major parking lots and can be recognized by people. This is also the result of years of promotion in the field of intelligence. With parking issues becoming more and more prominent, how can a parking system meet the p

LED sector performance increased by 90% to 110%

The company disclosed that in 2016, LED small-pitch TV entered the industry outbreak period, and the shortage of raw materials in the third quarter was alleviated. As of the end of November 2016, the new orders exceeded 1.6 billion yuan; meanwhile, with Nanchang, Wuhan, Maotai, Chifeng, The ris

Honeywell turbocharger sales exceeded 10 million units in China

On December 1, 2016, Honeywell announced that its turbocharger sales in China exceeded 10 million units, and achieved a balanced and healthy distribution of the business of the gas/diesel engine.

Sheng Weili, President and CEO of Honeywell China, said: “This is an important mil

4 years later: 100 national modern agricultural estates will be built

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Modern agricultural manor is based on modern agricultural production, supported by modern tourism management service concepts and management methods, to meet the diversified needs of tourists and the transformation and upgrading of