Guowu Dongfeng front four after eight aluminum alloy tanker

Dongfengguo five front four rear eight aluminum alloy tanker, using D916 high-top imitation Tianlong dangerous chassis, Dongfeng Cummins ISL9.5-315E51A engine, wheelbase 2050+4250+1400, gearbox 9JS150T-B, 295 vacuum tire , 5 tons front axle / 13 tons rear axle, 280 double girders, air s

China's agricultural machinery investment continued to decline in 2016

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] China's agricultural machinery enterprise investment continued to decline in 2016. According to the statistics of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, the agricultural machinery industry completed fixed asse

Power cable fault classification

Underground power cable faults are complex and changeable, and the classification of causes of power cable faults can be roughly classified into the following categories.
Mechanical damage
Cable faults caused by mechanical damage account for a large proportion of c

New definition LCD splicing screen

With the increasing demand for screens in 2017, LCD splicing screens are in short supply in the market, and a single display device can no longer meet people's pursuit of indoor and outdoor display screens. This is not the case. LCD splicing screens are used as display de

Titanium dioxide production hits record highs

From the second half of 2014, there was a sign of overcapacity in the titanium dioxide industry. Titanium dioxide prices also fell all the way. By the end of 2015, rutile titanium dioxide fell below the 10,000 yuan mark. In 2016, the government implemented positive supply-side reform measu