New definition LCD splicing screen

With the increasing demand for screens in 2017, LCD splicing screens are in short supply in the market, and a single display device can no longer meet people's pursuit of indoor and outdoor display screens. This is not the case. LCD splicing screens are used as display devices. The extension, using modular stitching, splicing into a complete unit, through the complete liquid crystal splicing unit to restore the displayed visual effects to the scene visual scene.
LCD splicing screen
Rich and colorful display modes and smart user experience are new definitions for large splicing screens. Users can freely open multiple windows on the splicing screen, customize the window size, set the display size, fill the display content, and expand the window to the entire video Really realize the display requirements of arbitrary.
LCD splicing screen
LCD splicing screen as a diversified display terminal, its biggest function is practical, long life, low power consumption, low heat, long time without failure, low maintenance cost, wide application field, deeply used by many businesses, tend to The commercial display supplier, Emperor Aidi completed technical innovations praised again and again, constantly impacted the eyes of consumers, brought consumers unprecedented visual feast, and also pushed information visualization to a new height. And silently changing the way people live.
As a supplier of commercial display solutions, AiDi Electronics has provided customized solutions that are perfect for many customers. It strives to improve the splicing methods and display screens. It has played a game of technology and innovation with many splicing display manufacturers. The design is further shortened, and the integration of seamless splicing technology is realized. Every sharp drop in seams is a leap forward in the field of high-tech R&D.

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