Promote high-efficiency scale agriculture to develop grain dryers for large grain growers

After the passage of “Maria”, the staff of the county agricultural machinery department visited several large agricultural machinery users in our county, and they saw that they were busy sorting out the repairs and repairing equipment and other disaster recovery work. However, compared to their busy figure, a food dryer in the cooperative that “screams” is even more interesting.
I came to the Wohe Agricultural Machinery Cooperative in Yishan Town. The three grain dryers in the company have been “fire-opened”. Several workers put the dried rice into a sack, and then continuously poured the wet grain into it. Feed port, open the cycle rolling drying mode. Xue Wenbao, the head of the cooperative, said that the base rice of their base began to be inserted from April 12 this year (because of the variety, it was about a week earlier), the harvest began on July 7th, and the mechanized drying began that evening. dry. Not only avoided this typhoon, but also the output is much higher than other large grain farmers in the county.
"I have already collected most of the early rice, and the rest still need the help of the inter-regional harvester," although the remaining 90-mu early rice has a slight lodging, but it does not seem to affect the mood of Xue Wenbao, "3 The dryer is working 15 hours a day. My biggest wish now is to finish it early." At present, the cooperative has received 210,000 kilograms of rice, and 3 dryers are about 50,000 kilograms a day. The task can be completed in a day. Not only can it be put into storage in time, but it can also guarantee the quality of food and sell it at a good price.
Due to the influence of the typhoon, the county's innovative agricultural machinery professional cooperatives in Dongdian Baocun, Jinxiang Town, have not officially opened more than 4,000 mu of early rice. However, the nine dryers in the community have been started, and the main task is to provide the surrounding farmers with the rushing service after the typhoon. According to the daily average of 16 hours of drying, the cooperative can bless about 6,000 mu of early rice for more than 200 farmers in two weeks, effectively avoiding the mildew and yield reduction caused by the rainy days.
Compared with the grain dryers that stand like the giants of the nine giants, the set of 230,000 yuan grain dryer auxiliary equipment introduced by the cooperative this year is particularly eye-catching. The whole set of equipment is like a long dragon, lying around the dryer. The faucet position is the operating system responsible for intelligent control and data transmission. The grain lifting, cleaning and conveying of the drying task can be completed by simply pressing the corresponding button (can be given to any dryer) without any cumbersome Manual handling, loading and unloading.
"This year we have all used the biomass pellets to change the biomass pellets, which can save a lot of costs." According to Su Miaokang, the head of the cooperative, this year, two new biomass hot blast stoves have been added to the company, which can be uninterrupted for 9 dryers. Provide fuel heat energy. Compared with diesel fuel used in the past, biomass pellets can save 7 cents per kilogram of grain, which not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also reduces safety hazards and reduces corrosion on agricultural machinery.
In recent years, the county's grain drying business has developed rapidly. At present, there are 18 large-scale grain drying centers in the county, and 62 grain dryers are in existence, which basically realizes the full coverage of the grain storage facilities in the county. Farmers can basically say goodbye to the safety hazards caused by natural drying in the past. Once in the rainy weather, dozens of dryers will show great vigour, and there is no need to worry about the problem of grain mold. The promotion and application of more advanced dryer auxiliary equipment not only reduces the pollution caused by fuel, but also promotes the development of high-efficiency scale agriculture in our county, and contributes to the implementation of green production methods and the development of new rural industries in our county.

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and is found to be the optimum design for trouble-free supply of non-linear loads. The 2/3 pitch design avoids
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