"C position" debut! 14.5 million yuan intelligent micro-digging 18UB you open home

The C-bit is a big coffee spot and is the best proof of strength. When the world is picking this up, diss that, we are working hard to make a small dig "C-bit" debut, saying that it is the recent SHO18UB of Shanhe Smart Online.

Why does SWE18UB occupy the C position in our hearts?

Shanhe intelligent micro-digging SWE18UB

It was born

Is the leader in the development of miniature excavators in China

Is the first Chinese excavator brand to successfully enter the European and American markets

Tens of thousands of export sales

In Europe, "SUNWARD" is the only Chinese brand that can compete with European, American and Japanese excavator brands.


Shanhe intelligent micro-digging SWE18UB

Its powerful

Has a powerful power system and high reliability: the use of imported engines and hydraulic systems, stable and durable;

With crawler track and tailless slewing, it can work in narrow and confined space. It is suitable for construction of municipal engineering construction, subway construction, rural house demolition, basement construction, and cultivation of agricultural and forestry orchards.

Has a large maintenance space, can facilitate the regular maintenance of various parts;

A variety of devices are available, such as a variety of buckets, breakers, and more.

Shanhe intelligent micro-digging SWE18UB

It's worth it

Beautiful appearance, the appearance of the whole streamlined design, small and flexible;

Shanhe intelligent micro-digging SWE18UB

It excels

At the same price, the tonnage is greater;

In the same tonnage, the price is better.

As long as 145,000 yuan, will be able to open this C big coffee home Oh.

The specific time for the show was: July 18

Shanhe intelligent micro-digging SWE18UB

Come and join us with Pick SWE18UB, a well-deserved C-bit big coffee! (This article comes from Shanhe Intelligence)

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