The current status of domestic centrifuges can be broken

From introducing technology to self-developed

Domestic has developed independent research and development strength

According to historical research, in ancient China, there was a process technology that used centrifugal force to separate honey from the hive. However, as an ind

Storage knowledge to achieve open computing with RISC-V and memory structure

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a series of dramatic changes in data, including how data is generated, processed, and further utilized to capture additional value and intelligence that are based on deep learning and neural network applications. The impact of emerging computing mode

Factors affecting the efficiency of coal screening

I. Factors affecting screening efficiency

The screening test can determine the yield of various granular grades in coal and various quality indicators such as ash, moisture, sulfur and calorific value. The screening tes

Ball mill abrasive composition

1. Structural characteristics and working principle

Advantages: 1 mixing and dispersion at the same time; 2 operation is simple and convenient.

Disadvantages: difficulty in color change.

Four working states:

LED large screen installation and debugging considerations

LED large screen installation and debugging considerations
Date: July 16, 2018 Source: Tuosheng Optoelectronics
LED large screen, as a new media, sports illuminating graphics, more attractive to attract attention, large amount of information, updated at any time, with

Analytical cyclone desander function, selection and instructions

The cyclone desander is mainly used to remove groundwater and solid particles including underground hot water and other water sources. It is suitable for water source heat pump system, central air conditioning circulating cooling water, chilled water system, wint

Analysis of Safety Inspection of Pressure Pipe Valves

Abstract: According to the relevant national standards, it is necessary to periodically perform safety inspections of pressure piping valves. This article first described the importance and significance of safety inspections for pressure piping valves, followed by the identification and review