Chinese LED companies have difficulty entering the US market

Recently, the American LED Association organized mainstream LED lighting companies such as Shenzhen and Zhongshan to sell products to the US market, which means that the production and sales of domestic LED lighting will usher in a larger development space. However, according to the report

Comments: New energy vehicles need to be "open"

Only by allowing more "horses" to run in, it is possible to jump out of the "dark horse." Industry authorities and local governments at all levels cannot manage emerging industries with their old thinking and routines, but must dare to break the sh

Analysis of the Structure and Type of Transistor

Transistor, is one of the basic semiconductor components, with current amplification, is the core component of the electronic circuit. Transistor is the production of two semiconductor substrates in a very close PN junction, the two PN junction to the block semiconductor is divid

R & D Conductive Tires: Let Electric Vehicles Run While Charging

Do you believe that the tire can conduct electricity? Japan's Toyohashi University of Technology developed the latest technology to make even the rubber tires, which are usually regarded as insulators, conduct electricity. This technology is applied to electric v

Talking about LED nano lamp is concerned

Superman Li Ka-shing is keen to invest in new technology fields, and his judgment and grasp of cutting-edge technology has received wide attention. On May 19th, the seven projects selected by the Li Ka Shing Foundation in the world were publicly presented in Beijing for the first time. The proj

German manufacturing name is not true? Chinese parts become rulers

“Made in Germany or Made in China, Who Really Made a German Car?” German “Focus” magazine said on the 25th that the global automotive industry is experiencing the greatest recall in its history, and the report believes that this is due