Wuhan LED lighting "dividends" is not easy

Recently, when visiting the Wuhan lighting market, most merchants complained to the author that the business was sluggish. The phenomenon that the lighting business in the same store is closed is sometimes happening. Some merchants in the lighting city are directly overwhelmed and evacuate

Robots are surging to help the production process become intelligent

Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in recent years. For the construction machinery industry, the three years of downturn has made many enterprises deeply feel this urgent need. At this year's Nation

The machine tool enterprise is also very popular in the robot field.

The key application of industrial robots is motion control, and motion control is an important factor in ensuring machine accuracy. From this perspective, machine tool manufacturing is very relevant to robot manufacturing technology. Therefore, in recent years, the enthusiasm of machine too

Traditional lighting dealers transform into the e-commerce field

In the era of the Internet, the LED lighting industry has undergone changes. The rise of e-commerce has not been neglected. As a traditional lighting company, the understanding of e-commerce may not be thorough enough, so how to improve the traditional enterprises' understanding of the

Bus Reform Helps China's Commercial Vehicles Develop Their Own Brands

With the further increase in bus reforms, commercial vehicles with large space, passengers, and better use efficiency have gained more favor in bus procurement than passenger cars. This trend in the official car market is particularly evident at the just-concluded Bei

Analysis of Development Status and Trend of Food Drying Machinery in China

Food processing includes many processes such as sorting, crushing, separating, mixing, sterilizing, refrigerating, and drying raw materials, and the drying process is a key link to ensure food quality. Most foods are wet materials that contain a lot of moisture. If the food is too much water, i