Double Star Tire: Innovation Drives Transformation and Upgrade

With the innovation as the driving force, the Double Star Group continuously intensifies innovation in terms of products, technology, management, and ideas, accelerates the transformation and upgrading, tries its best to build a green tire intelligent production base

German manufacturing name is not true? Chinese parts become rulers

“Made in Germany or Made in China, Who Really Made a German Car?” The German “Focus” magazine said on March 25th that the global auto industry is experiencing the greatest recall in its history. The report believes that this is due to major automakers. Busines

New smart LED bulbs enter the market to help sleep function

The new smart LED bulbs cut into the market to help sleep. The prospects of LED lighting devices are promising. Technology manufacturers have rushed into the LED bulb market to produce more durable, energy-efficient and competitively priced products. Now even international emerging manufac

The LED industry is booming and cross-border integration

This week, the LED industry has re-emerged in the gold industry, and the cross-border integration has continued. The network explosion tea company Jiaduobao will cross the border into LED lighting. The long-lost Zhen Mingli won the Tsinghua Tongfang 900 million, and Jingdian intends to int

China's automobile mandatory standard formation system

The reporter learned today from the AQSIQ that since the implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law in the past decade, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has organized more than 700 recalls and recalled more than 15 millio

Jingdian Li Bingjie calls for the replacement of LED energy-saving lamps

After Taiwan announced that it will stop building a new nuclear power plant, Taiwanese manufacturing companies may be forced to bear higher electricity costs.
Energy-related big companies have made suggestions for energy policy and launched a national mobilization campaign. Haida, cha