·The number of motor vehicles is controlled within 6.1 million vehicles this year.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Communications Commission that on February 11, the city's transportation work conference was held in 2018. In the past five years, the mileage of high-speed traffic has increased from 922 km to 1017 km. Last year, the number of days in Beijing was reduced by 16 days. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Communications Commission, in 2018, the number of motor vehicles in Beijing will be controlled within 6.1 million vehicles, and the main line of the Beijing-Qinhuangdao, Xingyan and the metropolitan area will be realized. In addition, Beijing will release the Green Wave in the Fourth Ring Road to use technology to control traffic.

The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission quoted third-party statistics to show that the scope, duration and extent of congestion in Beijing were reduced last year. Last year, the number of days above moderate congestion decreased by 16 days and the duration decreased by 15 minutes.

The main target of the traffic work in 2018 is that the mileage of rail transit operations will reach 630 kilometers or more, and the number of motor vehicles will be controlled within 6.1 million vehicles. The traffic index of the road network in the central city is controlled at around 5.7, and the proportion of green travel is 73%.

In 2018, Beijing will make every effort to promote the rapid development of green transportation in public transportation. Open the new line of the 3rd, 4th and 6th lines of the No. 8 line of the track No. 8 line. Newly opened and optimized 40 bus lines and added more than 40 kilometers of bus lanes.

Beijing will also promote the construction of the Jingxiong High-speed Railway, the Jingxiong Intercity and the Jing'an Expressway, and study and optimize the rapid connectivity plan between Beijing's urban center, the new airport, the Capital Airport, the city's sub-center and the Xiong'an New District.

This year, Beijing will also make great efforts in transportation technology and use technology to control traffic. Taking the management of shared bicycles and network bicycles as an example, Beijing will standardize the parking of subway stations, transportation hubs, commercial and office vehicles as a breakthrough, strengthen the sharing of bicycle management; accelerate the construction of shared bicycle government supervision platform, and use big data control. Regional site placement and bicycle parking area settings. Continue to do a good job in the network car platform, the license of employees, and strengthen daily supervision and enforcement.

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