The application range and sealing conditions of the ultra-high pressure plunger pump do you understand?

Ultra-high pressure piston pumps are often used in the industry. In order to let everyone know more about ultra-high pressure piston pumps, the following Xiaobian will explain the scope of use and the sealing conditions of ultra-high pressure piston pumps for everyone. help:

Ultra-high pressure piston pumps are not suitable for high pressure applications. However, by using a special plunger line method, it can effectively expand its application range of pressure. The pump's plunger does not contact the bushing, and the plunger does not closely contact with the plunger. It is suitable for the delivery of highly viscous, non-lubricated liquids, or multiphase media containing small solid-phase impurities because The non-hermetic pump wears less than a sealed piston pump and has a long service life. This is the reason why the non-hermetic double-plunger pump is gradually receiving attention, and the main reason for its increasing number of production and application areas. Ultrahigh-pressure plunger pump but meets all sealing conditions. Its composition and characteristics are similar to those of the plunger pump, and it is suitable for conveying clean lubricity liquids that do not contain impurities and can be used in higher pressure applications. The double suction structure allows the axial force on the plunger to be balanced. The pump drive gear and the bearing supporting the plunger are all located outside the pump chamber, and it is an external bearing type structure and can be used to convey the medium with poor lubricity. If the non-corrosive and lubricious medium is conveyed, the built-in bearing can be used. The structure, its bearings and drive gears are located in the pump chamber, which can reduce the number of pump shaft seals. Piston pump, pump housing with cooling jacket, transmission gear box with a serpentine tube through the coolant, it can be used to transport high temperature media. Piston pumps can also be driven with magnetic couplings, which completely eliminate leakage. It is suitable for transporting lubricating liquids that are toxic, expensive or have serious environmental pollution.

The above is the scope of application and sealing conditions of the ultra-high pressure piston pump. We also want to learn more relevant knowledge. Can we pay attention to our website? We will make regular updates for everyone, so stay tuned!

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