The difference between low-voltage LED explosion-proof lamps and conventional explosion-proof lamps?

The difference between low-voltage LED explosion-proof lamps and conventional explosion-proof lamps?
Low-voltage LED explosion-proof lights, that is, the input voltage in the safe voltage range and the like, many high-risk places (such as hydrogen containing places) can only use less than 36V voltage supply, so you need low-voltage LED explosion-proof lights, Ronglang production of low-voltage LED There are three kinds of explosion-proof lights, namely 12VLED explosion-proof lights, 24VLED explosion-proof lights, 36VLED explosion-proof lights, low-voltage LED explosion-proof lamp currents are relatively high, for the input wiring requirements are relatively high, low pressure after a thick cable, will With some voltage drops, it is possible that the voltage will be lower. In order to control this part of the voltage drop, many power transmission departments will increase the voltage slightly, and may fluctuate at the input voltage. This will compare the quality requirements of the low voltage drive power supply. high.
Ronglang produces low-voltage LED explosion-proof lights used in low-voltage drive power, 80% of the internal components are imported components, to ensure the stability of low-voltage LED explosion-proof lights, often customers have asked, their previously used low-voltage LED explosion-proof lights are often bad , are not the driving power supply, for a good one, and now domestic manufacturers do low-voltage drive is not a lot, and the materials used are in general, coupled with low-voltage drive currents are relatively large, the carrying capacity of components is limited, plus the voltage The fluctuations, as well as the factors that drive their own disturbances, etc., so good drive power is very important.
Ronglong produces all types of LED explosion-proof lights, can produce low-voltage LED explosion-proof lights according to user needs, 12V input is AC and DC common, 24V is DC power supply, 36V input is AC and DC common. Rongrong's technical staff understands all the structures of the LED explosion-proof lamp. How to arrange the lamp beads will have greater advantages, how to use the power supply, and so on.
I often hear that my colleagues are chatting and saying that the power of someone's home is broken, and the lamp of one's home is broken. In fact, there is a chance of damage to any electronic product. Of course, this probability should not exceed the normal range. The surrounding industry also has a lot of us and we are the same brand of power, we use almost no more than three-tenths of the damage rate, I personally think that this is within the normal range, in fact, LED explosion-proof lights must be able to Lamp beads and drive power match, voltage, current and other factors, many people remember that LED explosion-proof lights to heat conditions are good, the lamp's life will become larger, can be used for longer, is a large part of this people All of these are just for the LED lamp bead to strengthen the heat treatment, for the drive power to install casually, and some just use the insulation board to fix, but also with a very thick, ask everyone, drive power do not have to heat it? LED explosion-proof lights drive power is in a confined space, which is almost vacuum state, we tested a 150WLED explosion-proof lamp power chamber temperature is 55 degrees, then plus the power supply's own temperature, what is the temperature inside the drive power supply is How much, if not heat treatment, how long will the life of the power supply be? If the lamp beads are not of good quality and the lamp beads are broken, then the power supply will follow. Many problems can be carefully checked by everyone. The problem with the product is not terrible. It is terrible that the manufacturer can't find the cause of the problem. Today it is said here.
Ronglang professionally produces LED explosion-proof lights, and provides LED explosion-proof lights OEM, and provides a series of technical support for the cooperation of manufacturers.

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