· Hainan's new requirements for air pollution control limit the movement of motor vehicles outside the province

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Ecological Environmental Protection that this year, the province will fully implement the three-year combat plan for the blue sky defense war that the country is about to deploy, and to study the new standards for air pollution prevention and control and the changes of air pollutants. In the three-year action plan, in 2018, measures such as coal-fired and motor vehicle pollution control and strict restrictions on the movement of motor vehicles outside the province will be promoted with the most stringent standards.

The implementation of air pollution prevention and control action is a systematic work. In this regard, our province plans to fully start the elimination of 35 steam tons of coal-fired boilers in the urban built-up area this year; complete the task of eliminating yellow-label vehicles at the end of July, and implement high-emission emissions throughout the province. Old car elimination implementation plan; rectification of diesel trucks exceeding the standard discharge behavior, the implementation of medium and heavy diesel vehicles particulate matter collector installation work. It plans to fully supply the national VI car gasoline and diesel from July 1 this year, and import, sell and register the car before September to implement the national sixth-stage motor vehicle emission standard. In response to the city's dust pollution and other ills, the province will implement the construction site enclosing, sand cover, road hardening, watering and dusting, vehicle flushing, site greening "six 100%" dust-proof measures, the implementation of fog guns, fog spray Such as dust suppression measures and road mechanized cleaning operations, start the construction site of the urban built-up area to install dust automatic fog spray system and dust video monitoring equipment to strengthen the control of volatile organic pollutants.

In addition, the province will promote the comprehensive management of volatile organic waste gas in key industries such as furniture manufacturing, packaging and printing, medicine, pesticides, automobile manufacturing and repair; strengthen the environmental monitoring of oil and gas recovery in gas stations, oil storage tanks and tank trucks; strengthen paints, coatings, Control of pesticides, the province prohibits the sale and use of high-toxicity and high-residue pesticides and non-environmental EC-type pesticides; promotes air pollution control in key areas and time zones; conducts pollution prevention and control of ships and terminals, and develops green shipping.

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