German VAG company piston flow control valve principle of operation

Germany VAG valve company's RKV, RKVRIKO piston flow control valve. Piston Flow Regulators Unlike butterfly and gate valves, which are used only for pipeline shut-off, piston valves are valves that fulfill a variety of special regulatory requirements. The adjustment function is based on a p

Hande axle sub-supplier meeting held in Xi'an

From December 22 to 24, 2006, Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd. was held in Xi'an in 2007. The nearly 200 supplier representatives, industry leaders and experts from across the country attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Yupu, chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Group, fully af

Developing Diesel Cars in Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

A 83-page "Report" of the Department of Industrial Economics of the Development Research Center of the State Council pointed out that by 2020, China's car ownership will reach 150 million vehicles. If the proportion of diesel passenger cars is assumed to be 30% in that year,

Parts suppliers' acquisitions bring confusion to multinational companies

According to recent reports from foreign media, Volkswagen is entering the quagmire in which Ford Motor Co. and General Motors are all deeply involved, and stripped off its own parts factories.

When this news came out, it was exactly when GM was getting burned by Delphi's ban

The largest proportion of accidents involving chlorine hazardous chemicals

The reporter learned from the World Chlor-alkali Industry Sustainability Conference 2006, held in Beijing on April 24th to address the increasingly severe safety and environmental constraints faced by the chlor-alkali industry, that chlorine-related hazardous chemicals accounted for 1987 accid

Development of metal plane sealing butterfly valve

1 Foreword In recent years, with the development of modern industry, the use of butterfly valves has expanded from low pressure water supply to media with temperature higher than 538 ℃ and low to -184 ℃. The pressure is also from low to high, which is widely used in air separation,

Multi-functional low-cost excavator comes out in Beijing

The low-cost, low-energy, multi-functional excavator developed by Beijing Zhongda Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully launched.

According to reports, the machine integrates various functions such as excavation, crushing, pile foundation drilling, pile diameter