Two Elements of Network Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Parts Enterprises

For small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises, online marketing is a very practical marketing method. Its small investment can benefit a lot, and even zero investment can be made. However, it is not easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to do network marketing. Therefore, we must do network marketing. The small and medium-sized auto parts companies also need to make full preparations. The following are two things that must be done in the online marketing of small and medium auto parts companies.

Making network marketing decisions and planning network marketing decisions is the premise and basis for planning. Decision-making content generally includes the following parts: First, the core elements of online marketing decision-making. According to the requirements of the core products of auto parts companies, the business concepts of auto parts companies, etc., and according to the market survey, we understand the total customer demand for products, and the other network elements of similar products, according to their importance. And emphasize the characteristics and personality of the core elements of this auto parts company website. The second is the level of network marketing technology. To improve the level of Internet marketing, it is not easy to refer to a website or a piece of software for auto parts companies, but also to apply them comprehensively in accordance with the technical means of the Internet to increase click-through rates and popularity. Develop a certain period of time, classify and analyze the corresponding results, and clearly identify the items that focus on the increased level of online marketing. The third is the decision of online marketing. Mainly for the product elements service, combined with the public's aesthetics, rational design. The requirement is to give people a sense of beauty while maintaining product promotion.

The steps of online marketing planning The positioning requirements of auto parts companies are different from those of traditional product marketing. The purpose is to place customer expectations rather than demands. According to the needs of market research, customers should be divided into various levels, try to keep old customers, tap potential customers, and expand the market. And, we must provide customers with the whole process of participating in online marketing, and the corresponding management.

The quality of online marketing = actual quality (purchasing power) - the quality of customer expectations (click-through rate, rate of review, etc.). Focus on the importance of customers, identify the best value of Internet marketing in the eyes of auto parts companies, and what are the differences with customer expectations, and then work hard to reduce this difference. Develop a set of communication network marketing plans that require the content and format of the website to meet the expectations of the customers as far as possible and to meet the needs of the customers. At the same time establish a corresponding supervision and information feedback system.

According to the market survey and customer expectations, combined with the actual conditions of the auto parts companies, they can separately formulate the network marketing strategy plan, the annual plan, and the goals of the network marketing individual activities. And according to its plan to organize the implementation of people, finances, and materials. The core lies in cost accounting.

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