Juhua Sulfuric Acid Plant Solving the Problem of Sludge Treatment

Juhua Sulfuric Acid Plant solves the problem of difficult sludge treatment in the sulphuric acid plant. It adopts the method of changing the plugging method and installing small twisting cages at the tail of the slag belt conveyor under the No.5 furnace to discharge the sludge into the sedimentation tank. The mud is stirred into the slag field by stirring it evenly in a small cage. After several months of operation, as long as the valve position of the diaphragm pump is adjusted, the sludge can be continuously hit into the slag yard. On the basis of guaranteeing the slag grade, this measure can recover more than 3 to 4 tons of slag every day. The waste from the original waste was turned into a treasure, which also improved the efficiency of the job and it served two purposes.

The major product Fuli rice huller rubber rollers, part of grain machinery, is mainly used for rice hulling. With strong technical force, fine equipment, advanced technologies, and complete testing means, it can annually produce 500,000 various types of [Fuli" rice huller rubber rollers. Its products have been used by more than 40 domestic factories and exported to 37 countries and regions. In 2009, the factory`s sales revenue reached RMB 24,138,600, with tax turnover of RMB 2,405,000. It is a member of China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers. Fuli rubber roller won the National Double-excellence Gold Prize. From 2007 to 2009, it was recognized as the first place among peers by China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAAMM). 

With continuous increase of performance and expansion of business scale, [Fuli" has also become popular. To enhance publicity, it annually invests over hundreds of thousands of RMB for advertising and has effectively promoted the rapid development. 

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NBR Rubber Roller

Fuli NBR Rubber Roller, NBR Rubber Roller, NBR Material Rubber Roller, Rice Rubber Roller