How can auto parts companies break through under potential crisis?

While domestic automakers are desperately expanding production capacity and merging and reorganizing auto companies, far-sighted companies have started to restructure and purchase components in the upper reaches of the auto industrial chain. Strong upstream auto industry chain suppliers are the guarantee for strong auto sales. Loss of the right to speak of the upstream industry chain, how to control the cost and quality of car prices? Why did you see car giants continue to horizontal acquisition of car companies, but no vertical acquisition of parts companies, the formation of its own group of parts and components companies camp?

Despite the dust settled by the auto makers, it will usher in the merger and reorganization of the upper reaches of the auto industry chain, which will greatly increase the status of the upper reaches of the world, and many domestic parts and components companies have only four paths to survive. The first is to rely on their own capital and technical strength to quickly become bigger and stronger, avoid being squeezed by the parts and components enterprise group and eliminated by the entire vehicle company; the second is to establish close cooperative relations and strategic alliances with the current supply of complete vehicle companies. To avoid losing the market in the fierce competition, the merger and reorganization of vehicle companies will inevitably mean the integration of follow-up parts companies. One auto company will merge with another auto company. At the same time, the merger system of merger vehicles will inevitably enter into the supporting system of the merged company. Competition, to start again the integration and survival of the fittest; Third, to find domestic and internationally renowned parts and components mergers and reorganizations, under the shade of a good tree; Fourth, to expand the market to the retail terminal transformation, for example, a large automobile and other automobile chain supermarket chain , the emergence of automotive retail group companies, there is no shape, has an advantage of automotive parts and components With the formation of end-of-sales groups, the market potential for cars after the automobile market will increase over the next few years. Nowadays, there are more and more car products with a total sales volume of more than one million vehicles, and users rarely go to the manufacturers for maintenance after the three-guarantee period. I am more willing to buy a spare part for the fittings city to find a quick repair shop, and the integration of the parts sales market is a topic worthy of exploration and research.

Therefore, it is recommended that tens of thousands of domestic parts and components companies should plan and plan as soon as possible to avoid sinking in the integration of the automobile market in the next few years.

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