Ruiwo Guowu compressed garbage truck

Ruiwo Guowu Compressed Garbage Truck: Announcement Model: bj5165zys-fa

Ruiwo Zhongchi 2200 body, Yuchai 200 horsepower engine, Shaanxi tooth small 8 files, 250 double-layer girders, 10 tons rear axle, 10.00-20 tires, warm air, spare tire, MP3, preheating device, adjustable steering wheel, Exhaust brake, airbag seat, electronically controlled flameout, air conditioning, drive recorder, with ABS.


Product Name BJ5165ZYS-FA Compressed Garbage Truck

Product No.ZM6YS55801U

Total mass (Kg) 15800

Tank volume (m3)

Rated load mass (Kg) 5305,4475

Dimensions (mm) 7850, 7900, 8550, 8600 × 2500 × 3165

Curb weight (Kg) 10300, 11130

Cargo size (mm) × ×

Rated passenger (person)

Quasi-trailer total mass (Kg)

Number of passengers in the cab (person) 3

Load mass utilization factor

Approach angle / departure angle (°) 18/14

Front overhang / rear overhang (mm) 1350/2400

Number of axes 2

Wheelbase (mm) 4500, 3800

Axle load (Kg) 5800/10000

Maximum speed (Km/h) 90

Other extension 300/350mm, optional packing mechanism type. The material used for the side guard is Q235A, the connection is bolted, and the rear device is used as the rear protection. The driving recorder with satellite positioning function should be installed, equipped with ABS system. , Manufacturer: Guangzhou Kemi Automotive Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd.; Model: CM4XL-4S/4K (4S/4M). Engine ISF3.8s5168, YC6J200-52 corresponding fuel consumption values ​​are 27.5, 26.5

[Chassis technical parameters]

Chassis type BJ1166VJPHD-1

Chassis Name Car Chassis (Class 2)

Trademark name Fukuda

Production company Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.

Dimensions (mm) 6990, 6290 × 2470 × 2815

Number of tires 6

Approach angle / departure angle (°) 20/25

Tire specifications 10.00-20, 10.00R20, 9.00-20, 9.00R20

Number of leaf springs 10/12+9, 8/10+8

Front track (mm) 1958

Fuel type diesel

Rear track (mm) 1864

Emission standard GB17691-2005 country V, GB3847-2005

Engine model engine manufacturer displacement (ml) power (Kw)

YC6J200-50 Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. 6500 147

YC6J200-52 Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. 6494 147


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