Multi-channel virtual technology Kraken7.1 earphones

This year's Razer Kraken 7.1 (Beihai Giant Demon 7.1) Gaming Headset released at Gamescom in Cologne this year is mainly an updated version of the previous series of headsets. It mainly uses a USB interface to power the drive, and it also delivers more three-dimensional details of digital audio with virtual 7.1-channel technology. .
Razer's launch of the Kraken 7.1 (Beihai Giant Demon 7.1) Gaming Headset is actually an upgraded version of the Kraken series that was introduced before. The main interface is to change the connection interface to use the USB interface to power the drive and provide a purely digital audio content output. In addition, it is its own multi-channel virtual technology, so that even if Kraken 7.1 itself only has a two-channel output single design, it can still correspond to up to 7.1 channels of virtualized sound field output. Like the Kraken Pro version, Kraken 7.1 is also equipped with a retractable, high-sensitivity digital microphone, and provides a mute button and LED light design inside the microphone, allowing users to turn off the microphone when it is not needed. As for the overall design, which is roughly the same as the previous Kraken headphones, only the color is changed to a black green design, while the left and right Razer Logos are changed to LED light design, and the non-woven anti-winding transmission wire is used instead. The rest contains earmuff material. The design is the same as the previous version.
This time in Kraken 7.1 mainly through the advanced surround sound engine, with very low latency analog 360-degree surround sound output technology, so that the left and right two groups of sound amplification can simulate multi-channel sound effects, with the previous use of individual driver alone The sound of the Tiamat 7.1 headphones is not the same. However, after all, the digital audio output via the USB connection interface, so before the actual use of Synapse 2.0 must be installed on the computer in order to allow the headset to use the normal drive, and can be fine-tuned for the virtual surround sound output, confirmation, or customization Set the headset to sound position or adjust the backlight switch.
Since the headphone body is mainly designed for the gaming experience, performance in terms of high frequency and pop noise does not destroy the headphone itself. On the contrary, for the sound position in the game simulating different positions, the earphone can be listened to more clearly. For example, the content corresponding to the first-person shooter game can mostly assist in hearing the corner or the footsteps of the enemy behind.
As for the general music listening, unlike in the past, the gaming headphones often emphasize the accented sound range. Kraken 7.1 does not deliberately focus on the low frequency range presentation. Instead, it uses the virtual 7.1 channel technology and digital playback features to make KKBOX, Spotify, etc. through the software. The played digital music content can clearly play back different details without the ambiguity of the tone content in the digital conversion analogy.

Load Moment Indicator

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