Is it true that you think it is right? Look at the common maintenance mistakes of the sprinkler engine

Sometimes you think that what you think is not necessarily right. There is a theoretical basis. It is groundless that you think that you and others are doing it. Or you say that what you are doing is unfounded. For example, in the use and maintenance of the sprinkler, there are some wrong ideas. They think that others do it. They also think that it is feasible to think about it. They don’t know that these common sense may cause damage to your vehicle and even cause accidents. Hidden danger.


When using a sprinkler, blindly removing the thermostat of the engine seems to be correct and useful, but it is not. Blindly dismantling the thermostat will cause the engine temperature to be too high, and the coolant can not adjust the cooling intensity, can only perform a large cycle, and therefore can not guarantee the engine to work at a suitable temperature, the engine will work in a cold state for a long time, it will As a result, its power will be lower than usual, wear speed will increase, and fuel consumption will increase.

Some people think that the sprinkler engine has coolant, and it is afraid that the heat is not cold. This is actually incorrect. The use of the engine under low temperature conditions is also a great hazard to the engine. The same situation will occur. To prolong the service life of the engine, the engine should be used correctly according to the temperature specified in the instruction manual of the sprinkler.


The practice of idling a professional sprinkler engine is also wrong. After the car is warmed up, it will not start. After a period of time, the temperature of the engine will naturally increase. In this way, the engine speed is low, and the oil cannot quickly enter the various components for lubrication. Of course, most of them are now EFI engines, so there is no need to warm up again. Even in winter, it takes only 1-2 minutes to get started. Some vehicles have also designed protection devices. After starting, the engine is maintained at normal speed for 1200 rpm (no need of refueling) for 1 minute. The engine is quickly warmed up to protect the engine.

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