Did your car have a "low temperature illness"? Take a look at how to solve

Flameout: Repeatedly starting the engine several times and sometimes it is not possible to start it. This is often caused by battery cold. The battery is most afraid of low temperature, and the capacity of the battery at low temperature is much lower than that at normal temperature. A battery used normally in a warm place will suddenly lose its electricity when it is cold. With the winter cold start, the power consumption is particularly large. Therefore, the use of vehicles for about two years is particularly good for this disease. In addition, too much carbon in the idle motor can make the car hard to start cold in the winter. Therefore, before the onset of cold winter, check the electrolyte level. If it is insufficient, add electrolyte and charge if necessary. If your car is parked in the open air or in a garage for several weeks, it is recommended that you remove the battery and store it in a warmer room to avoid icing damage. If it is difficult to start cold due to the idle motor coke, the idle motor must be cleaned and maintained.

Unable to start: The water temperature on the instrument panel is abnormal and the car cannot be started. This is often caused by freezing of antifreeze. The role of antifreeze in the winter is very important, if you do not replace the antifreeze in time, the car's cooling cycle will be affected, will cause the engine water temperature is too high, can not work, etc., but also cause the pump to freeze. Therefore, antifreeze is generally best replaced every two years. It is best to choose the same brand of antifreeze when supplementing. The less cars you run, the shorter the interval between antifreeze replacements. It is also necessary to remind riders that the washing liquid used to clean the front glass should also be replaced with a special cleaning fluid with antifreeze properties in winter to prevent it from being frozen.

Excessive noise: Excessive engine noise is often the result of engine oil being viscous and causing severe wear. Early wear and tear of the engine is a gradual, chronic disease. There will be no obvious performance at one time, but the damage will be greater. Engine oils are generally graded and use different grades of engine oil during the winter and summer seasons. If the summer is still sticky summer oil, the engine will cause early wear and tear. After the winter temperature drops, the viscosity of the oil will increase and the fluidity will deteriorate, leading to an increase in frictional resistance when the machine moves, causing early engine wear. Therefore, the summer oil should be replaced with winter oil in a timely manner, or use the common oil of the Four Seasons. In addition, if your car's motor oil has been used for a long time, the color is dark, and the adhesion is poor, you should also switch to high-quality, high-efficiency oil in time to protect the engine.

Phone Case Printer

Phone case printer, also called uv led flatbed printer/UV Printer, belongs to Sapphire-Jet which is a multi functional LED UV Flatbed Printer that created by Shenzhen refinecolor technology co.,ltd. Phone case printer Printing on Glass Ceramic was built with industrial configuration as thicken aluminum profile, water cyculation cooling system, automatic detect UV Curing system... 6 color and max. 2880 dpi printing resolution. Can print on bend, cylinder objects, balls and bottles. Output with good 3D texture printing result.

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Our phone case printer often using for phone case printing, It is easy for customizing printing and you can print any image in your computer with our printer.Customers can print their own photos, design and more from the photoshop or coreldraw software.

Products name Double XP600 Heads A3 Plus varnish Phone Case Printer A3 plus With Faster Speed
Model RF-ZZ1/ZZ2
UV lamp cooling system Cycle water & air cooling + Heat sink
Printer head Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
Printer Head Double Printhead with XP600 (We also offer single printer)
12 color printer(Ink support) UV ink : CMYK+ 2gloss oil + 6 W
Ink system Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge
Print Speed 8 pass, 70s/A4 full size
Max Resolution 16 pass
Max Printing Size 330mm*600mm
Print Thickness 0-200mm
Printer Size/packing size 770mm*720mm*600mm / 98*83*78cm
Net/Gross/Volume weight 52.5KG/88.5KG
UV lamp Temperature 60 degree(UV lamp surface)

40 degree (1cm far from lamp surface)
Onekey to print aotumatically Yes
Ink pump Automatically Yes
Computer system Windows system, Gigabit net, network adapter contain below character: Gigabit,GBE,10/100/1000M,RTL8169
Standard Enclosure Software 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set

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