Intelligent security control system for power industry

Recently, safety accidents in the electric power industry have occurred from time to time. From the analysis of successive accidents, there are many reasons for the tragedy. Weak management of infrastructure equipment in enterprises, imperfect security systems, failure to implement responsibilities, incomplete control of safety risk identification and assessment, chaos in safe job site management, and lack of supervision and inspection on site operations. But in the final analysis, it is because the domestic power industry lacks a scientific, systematic, proactive, predictable, and comprehensive security management system.
So, how can we avoid safety accidents to a greater extent? Strengthening enterprise management, improving the quality of personnel, and doing a good job of supervision and inspection are indispensable, but with the advancement of social science and technology and the advancement of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management will become the key to safety production management in the industry.
Intelligent device maintenance
It is understood that at this stage many power plant overhaul operations hazard identification of harmful factors is not enough, security protection measures are not in place, maintenance management confusion, maintenance personnel are not familiar with the scene work conditions, equipment maintenance, equipment debugging, supervision and implementation is not in place. Coupled with the suddenness and uncertainty of accidents on the spot, in the event of an accident, once a mishandled, a small accident may cause a major accident, and may even cause the domino effect of a catastrophic accident. Therefore, with the help of the latest intelligent technologies and equipment, it is imperative to prevent unsafe incidents and accidents in power plants.
At the equipment protection level, around the intelligent mobile patrol inspection, overhaul work protection (work ticket integrated control), smart operation ticket, intelligent detection of equipment status, and other aspects, build intelligent equipment protection system, achieve intelligent equipment protection, operation and maintenance It is especially necessary to intelligently control the risk points of the operation process to ensure the intrinsic safety of the equipment.
Taking the current work ticket information system of the power plant as the core, around the work flow of the work ticket, the lock logic control is performed with the access control system at each service node (such as: issuance, security, processing, permitting, entering the factory, completion of evacuation, and termination); It controls and confirms the identity of the operator, the authorization to enter the area, and the identity of the operating equipment. Through the two-dimensional code, access control, APP and other physical defense, technical defense management methods, and enterprise fire protection system, video surveillance and production safety management information system (two-vote system) for application integration, the use of advanced technology, construction of "power generation enterprise production site "Intelligent Security System" integrated hardware and software management and control platform to improve the level of safety production control.
Intelligent personnel protection
During the operation of the power plant, due to the independence of the individual as a single individual and the differences in personality and ability, people often become the main cause of safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve intelligent personnel protection, personnel operations and operations sub-regional authorization, risk identification, violation warning, and to eliminate personnel unsafe behavior.
(1) Constructing an electronic fence to achieve safety protection for operators
The functional points of the electronic fence mainly include several functions such as GIS map, GPS positioning and display, electronic fence and alarm, information query and display, communication and communication, and system tools. Through the integration and integration of major functional modules, the construction of on-site operation personnel is intelligent. Security. Such as: Through the electronic fence and alarm functions, and work ticket system and maintenance engineering management module integration, to achieve the function of electronic fence. When the work ticket is invoiced or the project is created, specify the members of the work group and the work area. When starting work, activate the work area and authorize the binding of GPS devices for each work group member. The system automatically records the information returned by the GPS device. When the personnel coordinates are not within the specified area, the system will automatically alarm.
(2) Management personnel are in place
By means of management personnel on-the-job subsystems, information on management staff posts will be displayed automatically, so that managers will be “informatized” in place to replace the current paper version of “management personnel in place on record”. The first is to automatically record the time, place, and frequency of management personnel's posts by covering the whole plant's wireless network. Second, the management staff used mobile phones to take pictures, voice, handwriting and other functions, real-time upload of the found non-conformities, the system will automatically record and push to the relevant responsible person, and the formation of rectification before and after the comparison chart to test the effect of rectification; three is the equipment point The inspector scans the on-site equipment QR code by hand-held client, checks the quality of on-site operations, guides maintenance operations, and records non-conforming item rectification information.
Through the two-pronged approach of “electronic fence” and “managing posts for managers”, the intelligent security system for power generation enterprises is constructed to realize the intelligent protection of on-site personnel of power generation enterprises.
Intelligent security environment
As we all know, the external environment has a great influence on people: if the environment is appropriate, people will enter a better working state. On the contrary, people will feel some discomfort, work will be adversely affected, and even lead to accidents. Through intelligent technology, compile a corporate security environment network. Through regionalized access control authorization control, hazard bluetooth broadcasting, smart reminding and other functions, building an intelligent security environment has a positive effect on avoiding accidents.
(1) Construction of factory-wide access control management, authorization of vehicles and personnel to enter
According to the main principles of building a power company's access control system, a full-time access control system was constructed. Physical separation of production and non-producing areas; non-production areas mainly include factory gates, office buildings, etc.; production areas are divided into closed areas and non-closed areas; closed areas are divided into key areas and other enclosed areas. The key areas mainly include ammonia stations, hydrogen stations, oil depots, natural gas pressure regulating stations, storage and use sites for hazardous chemicals, and other areas with high risk factors; closed areas outside the key areas are other closed areas.
(2) Smart alarms in hazardous areas
According to the safety management level of different areas in the whole plant, planning and setting dangerous points in the area, using Bluetooth beacons and WIFI of the whole plant to realize intelligent broadcasting of dangerous point information; when operators are close to dangerous areas, handheld terminal equipment will automatically receive dangerous point warning information. . Through the automatic reminder of security information, advance prevention and control of risks are achieved. One is to indicate the security risk based on the location information of the device when scanning the device's QR code. The second is the device's two-dimensional code scanning to prompt the device for events that occurred in the past. Third, the value of the long-term security risk based on the scene, the risk information broadcast to the client. Fourth, according to the device's two-dimensional code scanning, the current SIS indicators of the equipment are over-limited. Query the corresponding security risk content according to the device's attribute query.

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