Comprehensive utilization technology of wollastonite (2)

2. Development and production examples China's wollastonite mines are generally mined and mined, and sold after simple selection. In recent years, the selection of wollastonite ore has been conducted. At present, the study of wollastonite beneficiation process is divided into four types of process, namely calcareous ore, calcium-silice ore, siliceous, depending on the genetic type, ore structure, structure and mineral composition of the deposit. ore and iron ore quality. The ore dressing method is mainly carried out along two technical schemes: flotation process is mainly used for calcium, calcium-silice and siliceous ore, and magnetic separation or flotation-magnetic separation combined process is adopted for iron ore. The following are examples for different processes. 
1 Wollastonite flotation process research ore: Jilin Changzizi wollastonite mine.
Ore properties: The main mineral composition in the ore is shown in Table 3. The wollastonite ore is dense, and has a clump-like, strip-like structure and a crystal-morphing structure. The main mineral is wollastonite, which is his or semi-self-granular, needle-like and slightly fibrous. The particle size is generally 0.01 to 0.3 mm. A small amount of wollastonite is distributed in a fine aggregate state together with diopside or tremolite . The chemical analysis of the ore is shown in Table 4. Beneficiation method and process flow: According to the situation that the iron content in the wollastonite ore is low and the gangue mineral is mainly calcite , the wollastonite and calcite are sorted by a single flotation process. The dosage of flotation reagents is shown in Table 5. The test results are shown in Table 6. 2 Wollastonite magnetic separation process research Hubei Fengjiashan wollastonite iron content of 4.57%, belonging to iron wollastonite ore, using two strong magnetic separation process, de-ironing rate of 80.13%, Fe 2 O 3 drop To 0.9%, the product meets the requirements of the ceramic industry, and the analysis of wollastonite concentrate products is shown in Table 7.

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