Did you get ready for FAW Xichai Guowu?

In 2001, the first four-valve diesel engine CA6DL1 was born and shocked. Nowadays, the mature four-valve technology has more than ten years of design experience, has passed the market inspection of 800,000 units, economic type and low speed performance. Domestically, it has been at the leading level and FAW Xichai speaks with strength.
FAW Xichai’s five strikes FAW Xichai’s five strikes

Nowadays, the national five emission standards are imperative. Every engine manufacturer is swift and violent, and it is secretly launching a technical contest. They all want to seize the opportunity in the national five market share. FAW Xichai calmly pursued its position and ranked in the five markets of the country. It seems that there are amazing actions.

According to the China Truck Network, as early as 2015, Xichai 4DLD State V EGR engine was successfully fitted on the high-end heavy truck of Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., and it succeeded in reversing the car at one time, completing the selection of power from the chassis and chassis to the entire vehicle. Functional adaptive calibration vehicle development process. When the competing product has not yet developed a prototype of a six-cylinder engine-related platform, Xichai has completed prototype assembly of a full range of products. One step ahead, step by step. Xichai has fully prepared for the country's five emission upgrades relying on its previous product advantages.

In 2016, FAW Xichai and Jianghuai Heavy Trucks continued to cooperate in depth and planned to develop JAC heavy trucks carrying a total of 27 models of “Xichai Aowei” products: May-August, the five national models carrying Xichai Aowei have been put in place. ; August is expected to have two models in place, in November is expected to place 6 models, 17 in February 17 is expected to place a paragraph. With such a planned overall layout of Xichai Five Power Products, it seems that Xichai’s technological advantages have fully won the recognition of JAC Heavy Trucks. Perhaps it can be understood that Xichai, which possesses the country's five technological advantages, will become one of the most important trump cards of the "Road King" in the Fifth Truck Market.

Since it is a trump card, it must have its place. It is reported that Jianghuai Gefa Heavy Trucks Xichai Aowei will be equipped with 6DM2, 6DL1, and 6DL2 five-series diesel engines, and the three Aowei platform models will be powerful, low-power consumption, advanced technology and economical, reliable, dynamic, and comfortable. Security features.

Similarly, XTC's China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. will also launch the introduction of the national five-product market in key regions to further increase the brand awareness of HOWO light trucks in the regional market. It is reported that Jinan Light Truck Sales Department launched a total of 11 Sinopec and FAW Xichai Country V product promotion activities from October 2016 to January 2017.

It is easy to see that FAW Xichai has become the wave of the country's five trends. After more than a year of vehicle testing and road tests, the mature and reliable Xichai Five engine products not only include Xichai Aowei, Xichai Hengwei and Tin. Chai Kangwei is also gaining momentum, planning and moving, and the trump card is still one step ahead.

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