Iran will join hands with petrochemical construction project in Russia

Deputy Director of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and General Manager of the Iranian National Petrochemical Company, Adele Nejad-Salim, said here on 21 June that Iranian National Petrochemical Company welcomes foreign companies in fields such as technology transfer, investment and joint ven

Foreign industrial giants favor procurement of hybrid trucks

While domestic hybrid bus development is in full swing, foreign hybrid trucks are also being tested.

A few days ago, Coca-Cola chose Iveco hybrid truck as its transport model in the European market.

It is understood that this batch of vehicles using diesel-electric hybrid powe

JAC light trucks can apply for direct subsidies

Recently, Sichuan Runtong Jianghuai Light-duty Card 4S Store has taken the lead in initiating work on the “automobile going to the countryside” for direct compensation. For users who purchase cars after March 1, 2009, that is, users who meet the conditions for direct supplemen

Voith drives: reduce dust and reduce brake dust 80%

Modern drives can reduce dust emissions, which is well-known, and it does not go away. The successful experience of the 45-year-old Voith Retarder proves that the level of development of braking technology is quite effective in reduci

Foam dry powder combined fire truck

Foam dry powder fire engine foam and powder universal fire vehicle
With dry powder gun and hose reel device, fast fire reel reel device, can spray water, fog or foam to extinguish the fire of the special structure of special-purpose vehicles.