How to refuel the car to increase the car's life

For a car owner, not only should pay attention to driving skills, but also know how to maintain the car, so that the car can better serve us. As far as car refueling is concerned, refueling is one of the most experienced things for every car owner. Do you know when it is best to refuel the car? What do you need to refuel? Today, teaches you some car refueling tricks. How to add fuel can increase the car's life . Friends who don't want to hurry up and have a look.

First, fix a petrol station to refuel


When you feel that the character of a petrol station around you is guaranteed, it is proposed that the owner fix the fuel at the petrol station. Because, often, when changing the oil station, it may be added to inferior oil; especially after the gasoline of Sinopec and PetroChina is often mixed, because the two processes, standards and additives are different, so the two brands After the gasoline is mixed, it is easy to produce carbon deposits and affect the power.

Second, the fueling time

汽车加油绝招 如何加油能增加汽车寿命

When refueling, gasoline is calculated in terms of volume, because gasoline will expand and contract under high temperature. Therefore, under the same amount of money, the oil that is added to the fuel tank of the vehicle at noon will be much less. In contrast, in the morning and evening, because the temperature is not too much, the oil added to the tank will be more adequate.

Third, see the oil tanker tanker, immediately drive the car away


When the vehicle is preparing for refueling, when it is seen that there is a tanker parked in the gas station, the car will be driven away at this time. As the tanker refills the gas station, the deposit underneath the tank will surge. If you go to refuel at this time, the impurities from the underground of the oil depot will be added to your fuel tank. Such oil will not only affect the power, but also may destroy the engine.

Fourth, run downtown plus 1/2-2/3


Because the vehicle often needs to stop and go in the urban area, if the fuel tank is full, it will greatly increase the load of the engine and increase fuel consumption. And in the case of fullness, in the current summer high-temperature function, the gasoline will cause thermal expansion and flow back from the fuel tank outlet pipe. At this time, if it hits an open flame, it will cause the vehicle to burn or explode.

These are the car refueling tricks that has compiled for you. Have you learned it? The fuel cost of the car is an expense in our daily life. Mastering the good skills can not only save a lot of fuel costs, but also It can increase the life of the car, it is really perfect for the owner, but also to develop a good driving habit, let us drive more comfortably.

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