7.5hpthree-Phase Stainless Steel Multistage Submersible Pump. Deep Well Pumps

Model NO.: 4SP5-52
Material: Stainless Steel
Power: Electric
Application: Submersible Pump
Shaft: AISI 304 Ss with Carbon Steel 45#
Trademark: qqpump
Transport Package: CTN
Specification: 4SP258-5.5
Origin: China
HS Code: 8413601090

4SP Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Product Description
Operating condistions
Minimum well diameter: 4"
Maximum fluid temperature up to: +50 ºC
Maximum sand content: 0.25%
Maximum immersion depth: 80m

Rewindable motor or fully enclosed shielding motor
Single-phase: 220V-240V/50Hz
Three-phase: 380V-415V/50Hz
Dimension complied with NEMA standard
Curve tolerance accord with ISO

Options on request
Special material components
Start control box / automatic digital control box
Cable length
voltages / frequency
Single phase motor with built-in capacitor

Water supply
Sprinkler irrigation
Pressure boosting
Components Material
Pump external casing AISI 304 SS
Delivery casing AISI 304 SS
Suction lantern AISI 304 SS
Diffuser AISI 304 SS
Impeller AISI 304 SS
Shaft AISI 304 SS
Shaft coupling AISI 304 SS
Wear ring Rubber
Motor external casing AISI 304 SS
Top chock 1.Cast-Cu ASTM C85500 2. AISI 420 SS
3.Cast-iron Astm No.30
Bottom support AISI 304 SS
Mechanical seal Special seal for deep well(Graphite-Ceramic)
Shaft AISI 304 SS-ASTM 5140
Bearing NSK
Seal lubricant oil Oil for food machinery and pharmaceutic use.

7.5hpthree-Phase Stainless Steel Multistage Submersible Pump. Deep Well Pumps
7.5hpthree-Phase Stainless Steel Multistage Submersible Pump. Deep Well Pumps

Its elegant appearance of panoramic elevator could highlight your building, multi-angle views of the landscape expand the horizons

of the passengers. Integration the car lights and environment surrounding make the panoramic elevator to beautiful scenery. The

panoramic elevator gives personality and vitality to the building. Whether in doors or outside, this series elevator could become the

focus of attention of everybody. The passenger could easily enjoy the architectural style and surrounding scenery in the panoramic

elevator. The dynamic and colorful style becomes a mobile view of the building. Magnificent round, panoramic elevator is the classic

design of indoor opening style, the round car and down lighting illumination brings a sense of the future world. Besides the round

type, there are right-angle and semi-circular etc in this series, no matter what kind of building and match, it can reflect a unique style.

Main Features

1) Highly secure infrared light curtain system.

2) Energy feedback technology.

3) Configuration, changeable styles free configurations.

4) Its noble and imposing appearance shows fine demeanor of famous brand.

5) It has both humane and individual properties with compatibly durable and comfortable performance.

Main function

 Standard function
1 Inspection operation   29 Over speed protection
2 Slow speed running   30 Contact protection for brake switches
3 Automatic door opening time adjustment   31 Interphone communication
4 Full load bypass   32 Wheeling protection
5 Automatic turn off lighting and fun   33 Alarm bell
6 Automatic return to home landing   34 Emergency lighting
7 Door re-closing   35 Level switch protection
8 Error recording   36 False call canceling
9 Hoist way self learning   37 Automatic reversal call canceling
10 Automatic door opening     38 Floor display directional setup
11 Attendant service   39 Isolate running
12 Bypass operation   40 Dot matrix floor indicator
13 Automatic correction of floor position signal   41 Rolling display of running direction
14 Lift locking   42 CAN communication protection
15 Protection of door lock up outside dooor area   43 Arrival gong
16 Infrared light curtain protection   44 Emergency return in case of fire
17 Over load protection   45 Main control protection
18 Reversal runing protection    46 Main control CPU WDT protection
19 Anti-skip protection   47 Discretional setup of service floor
20 Anti terminal switches protection   48 Test running
21 Anti-terminal over running protection   49 Clock control
22 Phrase protection   50 Direct landing
23 Contactor protection   51 Load weighting device
24 Failure analysis of shaft self learn   52 Full collective control
25 Motor temperature protection   53 Door opening button (external)
26 Door opening failure protection   54 Door opening button (internal)
27 Protection for door lock short circuit   55 Fire running function
28 Door lock failure for brake switches      
  Optional function
1 Open the door in advance   10 Remote control
2 Direct parking   11 Camera function in the car
3 Group control   12 Voice announcer 
4 Duplex control   13 Car assistant operation box
5 On-duty peak service   14 Operation box for the handicapped
6 Off-duty peak service   15 Intelligent calling service
7 Door open time extending   16 IC card control function
8 Car arrival gong   17 Leveling when power failure
9 Remote monitor       
Our reference specifiction: 
Observation elevator (square type)specifications
No. of persons  Rated capacity
Rated speed (m/s) Car net size Door net size(DW*DH)mm Shaft inside dimension Machine room size Max traveling height(m)
W*D(mm) 2P center opening  W*D(mm) Pit depth  OH W*D*H(mm)
10 800 1.0  1400*1350 800*2100 2250*1870 2000 4400 2450*3600*2900 45
1.6/1.75 2100 4500 96
13 1000 1.0  1400*1600 900*2100 2400*2120 2000 4400 2550*3800*2900 45
1.6/1.75 2100 4500 96
15 1150 1.0  1400*1800 900*2100 2600*2320 2000 4400 2600*3900*2900 45
1.6/1.75 2100 4500 96
18 1350 1.0  1600*1800 900*2100 2600*2320 2000 4400 2700*4000*2900 45
1.6/1.75 2100 4500 96
21 1600 1.0  1600*2100 1000*2100 2600*2620 2000 4400 2800*4200*2900 45
1.6/1.75 2100 4500 96
Note: the parameter table shows the standard design of our small machine room observation elevator. We also can design elevator for you with your parameter.

Square Glass Elevator

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