Ultrasound Plastic Welding Machine

Model NO.: BHK-2010
HS Code: 8515800090
1. Made big improvement, better performance.
2. Piezoelectric ceramic transducer imported from Japan, output is powerful and stable.
3. Frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation circuit.
4. When commissioning, set soft start circuit to avoid damage the mould.
5. Important parts are made CNC machine, high precision.
6. A full set of quality components, ensure quality.
7. High efficiency of welding, convenient operations.

Ultrasonic welding machine is applicable for thermoplastics fusion processing of toys, home appliances,electronics, stationery, packaging, automobiles, daily necessities, etc. Industries. Good quality of fusion, high production efficiency.

Supply scope: a set of machine, a set of ultrasonic generator, a set of 20KHz vibrator, ultrasonic mould is not included.
power supply 220V
working frequency 20KHz
output power 1400W
Cylinder diameter 63mm, cylinder stroke:75mm

Automobile: body plastic parts, car door, motormeter, car light, car mirror, sun visor, interior trims, filter, reflective material, reflective road studs, bumper, dragline.
Motorcycle: plastic filter, radiator, brake fluid tank, oil cup, water tank, oil tank, air pipe, tail gas purifier, tray filter plate.
Plastic electronics: watermeter, ammeter, communication device, cordless telephone, mobile phone parts, mobile case, battery case, charger, valve regulated sealed maintenance lead-acid battery, 3" floppy disk, USB flash disk, SD card, CF card, USD connector, bluetooth.
Toys and stationery: folder, album, folding box, PP hollow board, pen cap, ink cartridges, toner cartridges.
Medical and daily necessities: watch, Kitchenware, oral liquid bottle, dropping bottle cap, mobile phone trims, some gold soft brush, hygienic products, children's supplies, air mattresses, racks, gardening supplies, kitchenware sanitary ware, gold soft brush, shower head, bottle, cosmetic bottle, coffee pot, washing machine, air dehumidification machine, electric iron, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, metal cover box, etc.
Ultrasound Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasound Plastic Welding Machine


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