Yuchai Group Honored with "Golden Bee Responsible Enterprise" Award

The 7th International Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility and the "2011 Golden Bee Corporate Social Responsibility/China List" ceremony was held on June 5th at the Beijing Century Golden Resources Hotel. The ceremony was grandly honored and honored as "Golden Bee

Trend: Video Surveillance for Full HD Development

With the development of monitoring in the direction of high-definition, and the integration of IT technology, the monitoring technology has been transformed from the original single analog monitoring to the analog and digital surveillance coexistence, and the HD high-speed dome is slowly becom

Wireless sensor network through which ways to achieve?

How is the wireless sensor network implemented? There are many ways to achieve this.

1, the traditional communication protocol Flooding. The information is sent to neighboring nodes in the form of broadcast, and the node that received the information

Plastic cap usage

Plastic caps have different classification standards in use, use and promotion in accordance with a certain method and method, display important functions and values, and can bring certain convenience and value to users.
Plastic pipe caps can

FAW Group will establish a production base in Russia

Currently, FAW Group is fully accelerating the construction of overseas vehicle bases. The Group has completed a draft letter of intent for cooperation with GAZ Group, Russia’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, and will invest together to establi

Focus on imported instrumentation services in the high-end market

The continuous improvement of products and lifelong service is the unremitting pursuit of the company to develop its own brand, or cooperation with foreign companies is the inevitable way for domestic agents in the future The future of the instrument must be t