A brief description of the Duba sprinkler

The Dura Sprinkler's folding chassis still uses the Dongfeng Dima Sprinkler's special chassis EQ1040TJ20D3, while the tires are made of large-sized tires, model 6.50-

Precautions for using site sprinkler

I believe that many people have seen that the working environment on the construction site is very bad. Dust on the construction site is very high. The air quality is very po

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group officially visits Fast

Recently, the director of the Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group paid a visit to Fast to his party. Yan Jianbo, Chairman of Fast Group, was in the first meeting room of the institute and had a business discussion with visiting guests on issues of common interest. During the visi

HXDL cable slide rail system has those accessories and their role

1) The orbital track is the carrier of the cable trolley. There are straight segments and arc segments with a radius of more than 500 mm. Straight segments have a length of 4 m (or 6 m) and can be extended by coupler connections.

2) First car: The first car is the traction of the cabl

Xu Heyi: New energy vehicles will usher in a golden period of development

Last year, the sales of new energy vehicles in China increased 3.4 times, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China have become the highest in the world. Since this year, the State Council has repeatedly issued policies to promote the development of new energy vehicles.

Caterpillar receives engine order for integrated geophysical survey vessel B

Recently, Caterpillar's equipment agent Xinchang Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. and CSIC 711 Institute have successfully won the bid to successfully win the bid for the marine geology support engineering equipment project of the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey. The project provide